Animal Control
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Animal Control

Animal control is here to help, not hassel animal owners. If your pet escapes, please call us. We want to help reuinte you and your pet. If you find someone elses pet, let us know so we can reunite them with their owner. Also call us if you have a wild animal problem.


Animal Control FAQ


Can I walk my dog without a leash in Johnson?

(Answer) No, all dogs must be on a leash; unless the dog is on your property.

Do I need to have my dog or cat microchipped?

(Answer) Yes, all dogs and cats over 6 months old must be microchipped?

Does the City of Johnson require vaccinations for dogs and cats?

(Answer) Yes, all dogs and cats over 6 months of age are required to have current rabies vaccinations. (State Law)

If my dog is impounded in the city shelter for running at large, how long does the city hold my dog for?

(Answer) We holds the dog/dogs up to 5 days before transferring the animal to Washington County Animal Shelter.

Can I own a exotic animal in the City of Johnson

(Answer) No, The City of Johnson does not allow the ownership of exotic animals.

Animal Control Official