Planning Commission
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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the first Thursday of the month at 6pm at City Hall

Planning Commission members:

Chairman -- Dan Cross --      

Vice-Chair -- Henry Layes --                                   

Susan Anders --   

Gregg Gainer --

Roy Edwards --  

Stewart Walton -- 

Did you know that to change the zoning in Johnson requires a city ordinance?

Download the Zoning Map pdfCity_Of_Johnson_Zoning_Map.pdf

Want to know what is allowed in your zoning?
Download the Zoning Use Tables pdfZoning_Tables_1179.pdf
If you need more information on the zoning regulations in Johnson click on the ordinances tab then the year 2007 and click on ordinance 2007-13

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

CITY OF JOHNSONPLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGAGENDACITY HALLNOVEMBER 25, 20137:00 PM**** Call to Order**** Approval of October 28, 2013 meeting minutes.OLD BUSINESS:NoneNEW BUSINESS:**** Petition 2013-08: Request for Usage Variance for propertylocated at 3330 Amberwood St. Requested by Joseph Wagy, owner.**** Petition 2013-09:…

November 26, 2012

CITY OF JOHNSONCITY HALL November 26, 2012NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS6:30 pm: Public hearing for rezoning Petition 2012-056:45 pm: Public hearing for road name change to Johnson Mill Boulevard PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING AGENDA 7:00PM   **** Call to Order   ****…

NOVEMBER 28, 2011

CITY OF JOHNSONPLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGCITY HALLNOVEMBER 28, 20117:00 PM**** Call to Order**** Approval of October 27, 2010 meeting minutes.****-Discuss December Meeting**** pence Ordinance Revisions**** Commercial Building Design Standards**** Motion to adjourn

October 27, 2014

PUBLIC HEARINGCITY HALLOctober 27, 20147:00 PM**** petition 2014-08: Request for Large Scale Development for propertylocated on Old Mill Road behind James at the Mill. Requested by Blew andAssociates, representing Kyle Naples, owner.**** Petition 2014-09: Request for Rezoning from R-l to…

OCTOBER 28, 2013

CITY OF JOHNSONPLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGCITY HALLOCTOBER 28, 20137:00 PMAGENDA***Call to Order***Approval of September 30, 2013 meeting minutesOLD BUSINESS:***NONENEW BUSINESS:***Petition 2013-07: Request for Lot Split for property located5514 Elmore Street. Requested y B. W. Dykes, owner***Resolution 2013-006 Planning Area Boundary Description…