Planning Commission Minutes
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Planning Commission Minutes

October 4, 2018

City of Johnson

Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall

October 4th, 2018


Commissioners Present: Dan Cross, Katherine Hudson, Todd Wood, Shane Bronson

Also in attendance:   Building Official Clay Wilson, Sarah Guertz – EDA, Juliet Richey – Garver

No Secretary or Recorder Present – Chairman Dan Cross volunteered to capture the minutes for this meeting.

Chairman Dan Cross called the meeting to order at 6:00PM

Approval of September 6 2018 PC minutes. No minutes presented – this item was tabled to be reviewed at the November meeting.

Old Business: Review New zoning code – consultant fee proposal

            It was reported that the consultants met with Mayor Keeney, Gregg Gainer and Clay Willson on September 18th to review the details of the proposal. The consultants amended the proposal to show additional detail under each section for better clarity of the associated costs. The consensus of that meeting was that the Mayor and the sub-committee were comfortable with the proposal and that it had the required detail to recommend it to the City Council for budgeting purposes. This will need to be a new budget line item – not covered under existing funds allocated to the Planning Commission.

            The amended proposal was shared electronically with the planning commissioners and there was a hard copy made available for review during the meeting.

            Todd Wood made a resolution to support the consultant fee proposal as submitted to City Council for budget approval.

Motion: Todd Wood

Second: Shane Bronson

Yes Votes: Unanimous

Resolution Approved

Motion to adjourn – Shane Bronson

Seconded by Todd Wood

Unanimous Yes

Adjourned at 6:10PM.

Dan Cross voted on all items – required to attain minimum quorum.

Respectfully submitted

Dan Cross, temporary secretary