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City Council Minutes

April 10, 2007

APRIL 10, 2007

The meeting of the City Council of Johnson, Arkansas, was called to order at 7:00
p.m. by Mayor Lonnie Barren. Members present were Travis Rodgers, Buddy Curry,
Tom Bramlett and Clay Dodson. Department heads present were Police Chief Vernon
Sisemore, Street Superintendant Randy Birchfield, City Attorney Danny Wright.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen was unable to attend due to illness and Connie Test,
secretary of the Johnson Planning Commission was present to record the meeting.
Buddy Curry moved to approve the minutes of the March, 2007 meeting. Tom
Bramlett seconded and the meeting carried unanimously.
Police Department: Chief Vernon Sisemore reported that the department
opened 22 new cases (closing 6 of those on this date), answered 94 calls and worked 8
accidents. Representatives from the department presented a class to the tellers at the
Chambers Bank, for which they received a thank you letter.
Fire Department: Herb Beitel presented the report that the department
responded to 14 calls, 8 were medical, 1 motor vehicle accident and 5 others. The
department assisted in a 2 day search for a walk-away from a local assisted care facility.
The department has responded to 66 calls, year to date which is a 13.6% increase. The
hydrant check is completed. The devices on the brush truck should be installed by
Friday. The council was presented a memorandum with e-mail attachment from the State
Fire Marshal regarding Fire Prevention Code. Danny Wright will look into this and
prepare an ordinance reflecting his decision.
Street Department: Randy Birchfield advised that they had picked up 24 bags
of trash from Wilkerson, Main and Second Street.
There is a tree on Ball Street, at the bridge, that the soil is being eroded from the
base and is about to fall on the bridge, and will cause extensive damage to the bridge and
rail. Dikes Tree Removal will take the tree out for $485. The street department has the
money in budget to cover this. The council agreed and Randy will proceed as presented.
Dennis brought to the counsel's attention the problem of stray animals in the city
and asked for clarification of the procedures to be followed with picking them up and
initial care of them. Mayor Barron suggested that this be worked out between the street
department and police department.
Ed announced that he would be retiring the last day of April after 14 years and 8
months. The council expressed their appreciation for his years of service and wished him
City Attorney: Danny Wright advised that he had given each person on the
council a proposed telecommunications Ordinance look over. It can be discussed next
The Storm Water Ordinance is on line for anyone to look at
He has responded to a debt collection letter received by chief of police
Sisemore, from Cingular. This is a very old bill and no one knows anything about it and
Cingular are not cooperative. He will keep the council advised.
Mayor's Report: Chambers Bank has sent representatives to speak to the
council to make them aware of services available at the bank. Shannon Scroggins and
Michele Chickillo were spoke to the council briefly.
Re: Waste Water, EDA mandate: The city hired a firm and the city of
Johnson is in compliance. The reports have been presented and accepted. They are now
in the process of mapping the water flow.
The mayor received a letter from the grant writer., Danny Hale. He is
working on a grant for the fire department. Some grants are not available to Johnson due to the city economic status. The fire department has found some refurbished fire trucks
that they are looking at
The mayor has furnished the council Comittees Personnel Policy report for
looking over. This will be approved soon.
No unfinished business
New Business:
The council met on 4/9/07 to interview those applying for the engineer's
position. Five firms applied. The council favored Engineering Design Association,
represented by Steve Hess. Buddy Curry moved to hire that firm, seconded by Travis
Rodgers, the motion was voted by roll call and carried unanimously. This service would
be used only on an as needed basis.
Randy Birchfield advised the council that he had found a truck that he felt
would be a good purchase for the street department. It is a 2004 GMC with 9,998 miles.
It has a 646 turbo diesel engine with a hydrolic lift, an Allison transmission. There may
be some of the 100,OOOmile/5 year warranty left. Buddy Curry had talked to the owner
and thought the vehicle could be bought for $27,000. He quoted research that indicated
that this price was very good, and recommended that the purchase be made. Mayor
Barron advised the council that there was money in the street department fund for this.
This purchase would allow the street department to have three trucks. Travis Rodgers
moved to purchase the truck for no more than $27,000. Buddy Curry seconded and the
roll call vote carried unanimously.
Travis Rodgers announced that he was moving to Rogers, Arkansas, and,
although hated to leave Johnson, felt that this was what was best for he and his family at
this time.
Motion to pay bills by Buddy Curry, seconded by Tom Bramlett, approved by
Motion to adjourn by Tom Bramlett, seconded by Buddy Curry, approved by all.
Meeting adjourned at 7:10 (?)
Respectfully submitted,