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City Council Minutes

June 12, 2007

June 12, 2007

Johnson City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Jennifer Allen, City Clerk
Recorder/Treasurer in the absence of Mayor Lonnie Barron. Members present were Melissa
Tomlinson, Buddy Curry, Bob Fant and Clay Dodson.
The first item the council acted on was to replace Travis Rodgers, who moved out of the
city. Bill Burnett and Marcus Smith advised the council that each was interested in the position.
Mr. Smitli is son-in-law to councilman Bob Fant, After discussion Buddy Curry moved to select
Bill Burnett seconded by Melissa Tomlinson. The motion carried with Melissa Tomlinson,
Buddy Curry and Clay Dodson voting yes in the roll call vote and Bob Fant abstaining. Mr.
Burnett was sworn in by Judge Dianne Boyd and joined the panel.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ordinance 2007-03. Bob Fant moved to proceed with the
third reading by title only. Buddy Curry seconded. Melissa Tomlinson, Buddy Curry, Bob Fant
and Clay Dodson voted yes in the roll call vote and Bill Burnett abstained. Attorney Danny
Wright read the ordinance by title only. Bob Pant moved to accept the Ordinance and Melissa
Tomlinson seconded. Melissa Tomlinson, Bill Burnett, Buddy Curry, Bob Fant and Clay
Dodson all voted yes in the roll call vote.
POLICE: Among other things it was reported that they had' investigated an
unattended death of a 33 year old white male.
The purchase: of the 5 new cars should be completed this week.
FIRE: Herb Bietel reported that the fire department had completed the
pre-plans as scheduled; were participating in live fire training
exercise; new information regarding needing a larger truck. Discussed performing an inspection
to get a business license; Johnson fire department can do courtesy inspections but the building
inspector has to do the official inspection.
Buddy Curry moved to pay Herb's expenses at classes that he is scheduled to attend.
Melissa seconded and it carried unanimously.
Bob Fant moved to approve the minutes from the May meeting. Buddy Curry carried and
the motion carried.
Jennifer Allen announced that Randy had had a heart attach but was doing well.
Health insurance premiums will drop due to lower claims.
No appeals; the eel phone issue that he had been working on is resolved and the
city did owe some charges.
Street and drainage west of Samantha is progressing; Engineers are working on
zoning ordinances: questioning of when 48th street will be opened; the' Women's Hospital is
expanding; there will be an adult day care facility opening on Wilkerson;
NEW BUSINESS: Bob May, representative of Beaver Lake Concrete, asked to
address the council about extending the time that they are allowed to work, extending hours of
6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m to starting at 5:00 a.m. There were several people from the adjoining
residential development that were opposed to this. The people expressed their objections and
the business representative explained their position. The council decided that they could not
take action tonight. Attorney Wright explained some procedures to handle this situation. Buddy
Curry recommended that the Beaver Lake people might notify the neighbors if they were starting
early; it was suggested that there be a sign with "START TIME_ " on it posted in a
prominent location to alert the neighbors. It was decided to leave it to the company to see if they
couldn't come up with something to work.
Bob Fant moved to pay bills. Buddy Curry seconded ; carried
Buddy Curry moved to adjourn. Bob Fant seconded; carried
Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.