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City Council Minutes

March 13, 2007

City of Johnson
Minutes of Council Meeting
March 13. 2007

Mayor Lonnie Barron declared a quorum present with his vote and called the council meeting to order at
6:02 PM.
Present were Aldermen Buddy Curry, Tom Bramlett, and Bob Fant Also present were Chief of Police Vernon
Sisemore, City Attorney Danny Wright, Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield and Recorder/Treasurer
Jennifer Allen. Aldermen Melissia Tomlinson, Travis Rodgers and Clay Dodson were absent.
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the February 13, 2007 council meeting. Bob
Fant made a motion to approve the minutes as written and Tom Bramlett seconded. All approved.
Monthly Report of Department Heads:
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated he had a received a letter from a resident commending Officer Donald
Bates for letting them know they had left their garage door open. Chief Sisemore stated he received a bill
that was 10 years oio'from when Dean Melton was chief. City Attorney Wright stated he would take care of it.
Chief Sisemore stated the city has been keeping animals longer than usual because of over crowding at the
local animal shelters and access to water is needed to take care of the animals and keep the kennels clean.
Chief Sisemore requested the city pay Mrs. Melton's water bill (approx. $15.00 per/mo.) so water could be
supplied to that area without havingto run a new line. City Attorney Wright stated the city needs to get out of
the dog business. Discussion was had. Buddy Curry made a motion to pay Mrs. Melton's water bill and Bob
Fant seconded. All approved with Mayor Barron's vote. Chief Sisemore stated the JPD has no contact
information for owners of rental property and would like to have the city look into ways to get this
information. Discussion was had and the council will wait to see what Springdale does before any action is
taken. Chief Sisemore stated the JPD's computer person recommends upgrading the computer firewall to
prevent hackers from getting into the system. Chief Sisemore stated the cost would be $1,475.00 to cover
all city computers and servers for 3 years and can be paid out of capital outlay greater than $500.00. Bob
Fantmadea motion to approve upgradingthe computer firewall and Tom Bramlett seconded. All approved
with Mayor Barren's vote.
Assistant Fire Chief Herb Beitel stated the Johnson Area Volunteer Fire Department had made 52 runs year
to date compared to 41 runs in the same period last year. Beitel stated the JAVFD had been checking
hydrants and doing pre-plans of businesses. Beitel stated the JAVFD had received a brush fire truck from the
state forestry department that was falling apart, but they had to accept it to be eligible to receive any
equipment in the future. Beitei stated they had purchased another truck with grant money that is the
property of JAVFD. Beitel stated he is very close to being a Certified State Fire Marshall, and Mayor Barron
expressed _his appreciation forali of Beitel's efforts to achieve this goal.
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield stated it cost $1,500.00 of the $1,800.00 approved for fixing the
transmission and bearings for the John Deere Tractor. Birchfield stated the Street Department was fixing
potholes, had cleared the low water bridge, and the parks were in good shape for the season.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen stated 2 building permits (both residential) and 18 mechanical permits
were issued in January. Allen stated the Personnel Committee had met on February 15, 2007 and hoped the
new Personnel Handbook would be ready for review by the next meeting.
City Attorney Danny Wright stated that the file on the Sanitation Contract with Waste Management could not
be found but he believed the contract was up at the end of the year. Wright recommended a committee be
formed to review the city's options as there are a number of sanitation businesses in the area (Waste
Management, Roll Off, and Independent haulers) but cautioned that the city could be held liable if the waste
is not disposed of properly. Wright stated items come to court of a controversial nature and Judge Boyd
should never be contacted as this could cause her to not hear an issue or be disqualified to hear the case.
Wright stated people should be directed to the Chief or himself with any legal concerns.
Mayor Lonnie Barron stated that City Hall was being refurbished and Randy Birchfield and his department
weredoinga lot of work to help improve the City's image. Mayor Barron stated new carpeting would be
installed soon.
Mayor Barron stated EWI was beginning work on the drainage problem east of Samantha.
Mayor Barron stated the JAVFD had sent a list of improvements in equipment the department needs and he
would get a report ready for the next meeting. Mayor Barron stated the need fora ladder truck will increase
as more multi-level buildings are buiit in town and this is a great area for the grant writer to work on.
Mayor Barron stated that Steve Hessey of EDA has been hired and will begin working on the city's waste
water management.
Mayor Barron stated that the new grant writer, Danny Hale, met with JPD, JAVFD and the park department
people to get ideas and information.
Unfinished Business:
Mayor Barron stated each Alderman had received a copy of the contract for Danny Hale be hired as a grant
writer. RESOLUTIUON 2007-04 approving the contract was read by City Attorney Danny Wright
Wright stated this can be renewed yearly by attaching a letter extending the contract. Mayor Barron asked
fora motion to approve this item which was made by Bob Fantand seconded by Tom Bramlett. All approved
with Mayor Barren's vote. RESOLUTION 2007-04 was approved.
New Business:
Mayor Barron stated that Waste Management has requested approval to increase their rates $.32 per month
from $9.51 to $9.83. Discussion was had. Mayor Barron asked for a motion to approve the rate hike which
was made by Bob Fantand seconded by Buddy Curry. All approved with Mayor Barren's vote. Mayor Barron
stated he would appoint a committee to iookatthe city's options before renewing Waste Management's
contract at the end of the year.
Mayor Barron stated each Alderman had received information regarding the purchase of 5 new.police cars.
Mayor Barron stated he had an agreement with First Security Bank to borrow $150,000.00 at 5.4% interest

for 48 months. Mayor Barron stated the loan is to be repaid through the Act 988 fund which can only be
used for police cars and police car equipment and whose average income for the last 2 years has been
above the $3,481.64 monthly payment. Mayor Barron stated that this is good way to meet this need and
have no money from the general fund used. Discussion was had. Mayor Barron stated that all equipment
would be transferred from the old cars before they were sold. Bob Fant made a motion to read the
resolution approving the vehicle purchase with this loan and was seconded by Buddy Curry. All approved
with Mayor Barren's vote and City Attorney Danny Wright read RESOLUTION 2007-05. Bob Fant made a
motion to approve the resolution and was seconded by Buddy Curry, All approved with Mayor Barren's vote
and RESOLUTION 2007-05 passed.
Mayor Barron stated there would soon be 4 more large commercial buildings under construction in the City
of Johnson; a new office building and training center to be built for Me Clinton Anchor, a 70 bed assisted
living facility, a 4 story office building just like the Chambers Bank building and an 80,000 square foot
doctors office building in the Willow Creek area. Mayor Barron stated with this kind of growth, the city should
consider hiring an engineering firm on a job to job basis that can assist the Planning Commission and follow
through to make sure what the developers say they are going to build is what is actually built. Discussion
was had. Mayor Barron stated that 3 firms had already contacted him wanting to provide their services and
a special Council Meeting could be held to interview interested firms and let each make their pitch.
Discussion was had. It was agreed that the building inspector would continue to make inspections, but all
commercial plan reviews and follow up would go through the engineer. Bob Fant made a motion to have
Mayor Barron proceed with this plan and Tom Bramiett seconded. All approved.
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to pay the bills for the General and Street Funds which the council had
reviewed. Motion to pay these bills was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Tom Bramiett. All approved.
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Buddy Curry and seconded by Tom Bramiett.
All approved and the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM.