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City Council Minutes

November 11. 2008

City of Johnson
Minutes of Council Meeting
November 11. 2008

Mayor Lonnie Barren called the council meeting to order at 6:00 PM.
Present were Aldermen Melissia Tomlinson, Bill Burnett, Buddy Curry, Tom Bramlett, Bob Fant and
Clay Dodson. Also present were Police Chief Vernon Sisemore, City Attorney Danny Wright,
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen, Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield, and Assistant Fire Chief
Herb Beitel. Building Official Matt Bailey was absent
Mayor Barren asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the October 14, 2008 Council meeting. Bob
Fant made a motion to approve the minutes and Bill Burnett seconded. All approved.
Monthly Report of Department Heads:
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated there were 3 new cases, 4 closed and 5 pending warrants. Chief
Sisemore stated they had answered 95 false alarms year to date. Chief Sisemore stated the officers
have been using comp and vacation time.
Assistant Fire Chief Herb Beitel stated the department was up 12% in call volume vs. last year.
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield stated Project Realtors cleaned out brush behind the nursing
home on Hewitt Street and gathered trash on Ball Street. Birchfield stated they had taken down bad
trees on Johnson Road and Ball Street and cleaned out culverts. Birchfield stated the snow plows
would be up and running by the end of the month.
Mayor Barron stated since the office was closed in observance of Veterans Day, he had excused
Building Official Matt Bailey from the meeting and his report was in the packet. Mayor Barren stated
Bailey had spent a week in Kansas at Code Enforcement Certification class.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen reminded the Aldermen to turn in their Campaign Contribution
Reports required by all candidates running for office, whether or not they had spent money on the
election, as soon as possible.
City Attorney Danny Wright stated there was 1 appeal pending in the circuit court. Wright stated he
strongly recommended the Aldermen attend the meeting Thursday evening with the Fayetteville Water
and Sewer Commission. Wright stated they were looking at the possibility of condemning some land.
Mayor Barron stated Roll Off had made a mistake by adding the fuel surcharge to City of Johnson
residential bills and had sent a letter explaining the error.
Mayor Barron stated Greg Spence was in charge of Project Realtors and he had sent him a letter
thanking the organization for the great work they did for the city.
Mayor Barron stated the hotel was hanging curtains and getting ready for furniture; the punch list was
Mayor Barren stated he had not heard any more since the State Highway department had gone to bat
for us in trying to get the $32,500 bill for the Little Sandy Creek Bridge dropped by the federal
Mayor Barron stated that he had not heard any more about the FEMA fire department grant but he was
still hopeful.
Mayor Barron stated the State Highway Department was having trouble with the need to have 5 lanes
between 1-540 and Cariey Road on the Johnson Road project butSpringdale supports this and so do
the engineers.
Mayor Barron stated that next month the 2008 budget will need to be adjusted and the 2009 budget
should be ready for review. Mayor Barron stated he had good response from the department heads to
control costs. Mayor Barron stated that Springdale was giving their employees a 6.2% cost of living
increase and Social Security was giving 5.8%. Discussion was had about the position of Building
Official. Discussion was had about proper compensation for the Mayor and City Attorney Danny Wright
for all the extra work the South Johnson situation has caused. City Attorney Wright stated his salary covers meetings and interactions with City Hall; for other items he charges the city 1/£ of his hourly rate which will be $220.00 as of the first of the year. Melissia Tomlinson stated she wanted to look at the
Mayor's salary and compensating Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen for all the extra hours she worked
during the Mayor's illness.
Mayor Barron stated with regard to the South Johnson situation, the city had never had a water and
sewer contract with the City of Fayetteville, even though Fayetteville had been providing Johnson those
services since 1966, and there is no explanation as to why they will not provide these services now.
Mayor Barron stated he and Attorney Tom Kieklak were going to the Rayetteville Water and Sewer
Commission on Thursday to ask that they provide us a contract to provide these services and
encouraged all the Aldermen to attend with them. Mayor Barron stated Fayetteville has to provide
Johnson with water as stated in the Beaver Lake Contract and there are water lines all over the
property in question and we have the maps to prove it. Mayor Barron stated sewer was another story;
but Tracy Hoskins had a letter from Fayetteville stating they would provide water and sewer to his
project The Steps at Joyce. Mayor Barron stated Steve Hesse of EDA had designed a sewer system for
Bethel Heights and this was a possibility for Johnson. Discussion was had about water, sewer and a fire
Unfinished Business:
New Business:
Barron asked City Attorney Danny Wright to read the resolution. Mayor Barron asked for a motion to
approve Resolution 2008-11 which was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Tom Bramlett. All
Mayor Barren asked fora motion to pay the bills for the General, Street, Act 988 and Court Automation
Funds which the council had reviewed. Motion to pay bills was made by Bob Fant and seconded by
Tom Bramlett. All approved.
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Buddy
Curry. All approved and the meeting was adjourned at 7:08 PM.