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City Council Minutes

DECEMBER 8, 2009

DECEMBER 8, 2009

Jennifer Allen, Recorder/Treasurer of Johnson, Arkansas, called the meeting to order at
6:10 p.m., due to the absence of Mayor Barron. Aldermen present were Melissia
Tomlinson, Buddy Curry and Clay Dodson; also present were City Attorney Danny
Wright, Police Chief Vernon Sisemore, Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield, Building
Official Paul Sullins and Fire Chief Matt Mills. Aldermen absent were Bill Burnett,.Tom
Bramlett and Bob Fant
Ms. Allen reported on the status of Mayor Barren's condition.
Ms. Allen asked for motion to approve the minutes from the November meeting. Buddy
Curry made a motion to approve the minutes and Clay Dodson seconded. All approved.
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore states that there had been 22 new cases and 19 of those
were closed. He advised that it was a quiet month
Fire Chief Matt Mills stated that there had been 229 calls year to date which was down
from 2008. There were 23 inspections, 104 year to date. There had been some training
in Springdale and the fire department had participated in the Springdale Christmas parade.
Building Official Paul Sullins reported that the generators were up and running, that the
Public Meeting Enclosures had been installed and that there were no new permits issued
last month.
Street Department Superintendent Randy Birchfield reported that they were applying for
a $75,000 grant to be used for installing a restroom in the part. That the Dollar General
Store had collected 350 toys for children Christmas project.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen reported that the city had received $ 106,053 in
reimbursement for the ice storm damages and had spent $115,000.
City Attorney Danny Wright reported on the lawsuit on the property in the south part of
Johnson. The city's motion to dismiss had been denied and the city had filed an answer.
A written proposal to settle has been issued.
Mr. Wright also reported on the Powell Emergency Services matter.
2009-12 AMENDED BUDGET: Danny Wright read the Resolution. Clay Dodson
moved to accept the amended budget for 2009. Buddy Curry seconded and by request of
Jennifer Allen, acting mayor, the vote was by roll call. Melissia Tomlinson - yes-;
Jennifer Allen — yes-; Buddy Curry—yes-; Clay Dodson — yes-. The motion carried and
the amended 2009 budget was approved.
2010 BUDGET was reviewed and questions discussed. Fire Chief Matt Mills brought
up the increase in fire department's insurance costs. Buddy Curry asked that this be
written up and presented to the council for consideration.
It was noted that the State Health Department had inspected the city buildings and area
and required fencing around the police department They require a fence where there is a
4 ft drop. This will be discussed at the January meeting.
;RESOLUTION 2009-11: adopting the 2010 budget, to be in effect from 1/1/10 to
Danny Wright read the resolution. Buddy Curry moved to approve the 2010 budget,
Clay Dodson seconded. At request of acting mayor Jennifer Allen there was a roll call
vote. Melissia Tomlinson - yes-; Jennifer Allen — yes -; Buddy Curry — yes -; Clay
Dodson —yes-. The 2010 budget was approved.
Randy Birchfield asked that each employee be given a $125.00, one time only, increase
in pay. Buddy Curry moved that each employee be given a $125,00, onetime only,
increase in pay. Melissia Tomlinson seconded and the motion carried by oral vote:
Melissia Tomlinson — yes -; Jennifer Allen - yes -; Buddy Curry — yes -; Clay Dodson -
yes -.
Randy Birchfield asked that the employees3 birthday be included as a paid holiday. It
was decided that the council would study how much this might cost before making a
OLD BUSINESS from November regarding insurance was continued to the January
Fire Chief Matt Mills was asked for a report on what it would cost the city for a 5% raise
for his employees.
There was discussion about what the new census might change in the requirements and
how they might affect the relationship between the fire department and the city. It is
possible that there might be the need for a Service Agreement between the Fire
Department and the City.
Clay Dodson moved to pay bills, Buddy Curry seconded, all approved.
Buddy Curry moved to adjourn, Clay Dodson seconded, all approved and the meeting
was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.