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City Council Minutes

November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

Mayor Lonnie Barron called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Present were Aldermen Bill Burnett, Buddy Curry, Tom Bramlett, Bob Fant and Clay Dodson. Also
present were City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief Vernon Sisemore, Fire Chief Matt Mills,
Building Official Paul Sullins and Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield. Alderman Melissia
Tomlinson and Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen were absent. Connie Test was present to record
the minutes.
Mayor Baron introduced Keith Allen, the newly elected alderman. The Mayor also announced that
Melissia's mother was in the hospital at Mayo Clinic and Melissia was with her, and that Jennifer has
had surgery but is recovering well.
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore advised that there were 26 cases opened with 16 closed. They made 94
calls the month of November; 69 false alarms so far this year; 93 animals picked up so far this year.
The past month the department participated in home safety day at Home Depot, a March of Dimes
fund raiser, a drunk driving awareness with MADD at the U of A3 fall carnival at Coleman Academy
and "Tnmk-o-ween".
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield reported that the Christmas lights were up quite early this year
because the work will begin soon on the wall at the police department and when that begins the street
crew will be busy with that so they are getting other things done as quickly as possible. They have
been working on the patrol cars, doing maintenance and repairs on the street signs and cleaning out the
Building Official Paul Sullins reported that he had been pursuing code violations and has almost all of
the boats out of front yards. He and the mayor went to a Quorum Court meeting and attended a
meeting with other Cities and the Washington County Extension office about the Clear Creek drainage
City Attorney Danny Wright advised that there had been no appeals to Circuit Court, no suit filed and
only 1 public defender case last month. He encouraged all councilmen to attend the Municipal League
meeting in January. This would be very beneficial to them. The County is building an animal control
facility and that we might want to consider going in with them. We now use Springdale's animal
control facility. The Resolution to Amend the 2010 budget will be presented next month.
Mayor Baron reported that Matt Mills has picked up the $15,000 Fire Department grant and that Danny
Hale said that he will donate his fee to Johnson. The Mayor met with the Springdale people, the
Highway Department and the land owners regarding the Johnson Road project. The land owners may
not have enough money to add the extra lanes in the area that they are going to develop.
Allen Canning has been asked to donate their property, located just west of the police station. It is
understood that they have it for sale and Johnson thinks that it would could be developed into an
attractive approach to the city.
John Flake offered to give Johnson the wetlands, along Clear Creek, south of the hotel at 540. The
Washington County Extension Office has offered Johnson a grant for the city to create a "show place"
for people to see what can be developed in a wetlands area. The Corps of Engineers are very interested
in this area and proposed project.
The Mayor advised that he had already met with the County Judge and had told her that Johnson would
work with the county on the animal control issue.
There have been changes in the Trails made without notifying Johnson. Phase I was changed and the
part of the trail that is in Johnson is now Phase II. Bill Burnett gave further information regarding the
Trail project.
Danny Wright read the Resolution and discussed changes from the last Resolution concerning appoint
of City Attorney. Buddy Curry moved to accept the Resolution, Clay Dodson. seconded and the motion
carried unanimously
Danny AVright explained the Resolution but by agreement the Resolution was not read. Tom Bramlett
moved to accept the Resolution. Bob Fant seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Representatives from Roll Off and Waste Management were present for the council's consideration of
their bids that had been presented for a new waste removal contract. Waste Management had very little
input but the Roll Off representative answered all of the questions to the satisfaction of the council.
Bob Fant moved to accept the Roll Off bid for Option 2, $10.10 per month, per residence, which
included curbside trash service and & 18 gallon recycling tote, with Roll Off. Roll call vote: Bill
Burnett -yes; Buddy Curry -yes; Tom Bramlett -yes; Bob Fant -yes; Clay Dodson -yes. The motion
approved unanimously. The Ordinance will be presented at the January meeting. Roll Off will add an
insert to the next customer billing advising of the recycling option and instructions to use it.
The bid has been opened for the 2"d phase of the wall at the Police Station. Steve Hesse advised that
the bid opened at 3:00 and had 5 bidders. Backus Concrete was the lowest bidder, therefore Steve
Hesse recommended them. The Mayor. Randy Birchfield and Paul Sullins were all familiar with
Backus Concrete and felt that they were capable. There was much discussion regarding the
landscaping and irrigation set out in the bid. Danny Wright advised that the court could provide labor
to lay the sod, but the City would have to pay for preparation of the land and buy the sod.
There was discussion as to whether or not the City could accept this bid, without the landscaping and
irrigation costs, without reopening the bids to all. It was decided that the way the request for the bid is
worded that this can be done. Danny Wright suggested that the City do a change order to prepare for
sod. Bob Fant moved to accept the Backus Concrete bid, leaving out lines 10 and 1 (landscaping and
irrigation costs). Buddy Curry seconded. At the Mayor's request there was a roll call vote, as follows:
Bill Buniett -yes; Buddy Curry -yes; Tom Bramlett -yes; Bob Fant -yes; Clay Dodson -yes. Motion
carried unanimously.
An Engineer's Preliminary Cost Estimate was presented on each of two serious drainage problems in
Johnson, Criss Hollow Road and Wilkerson Rd. The engineer explained the cost estimates on Criss
Hollow Road. The Mayor advised that the City does not have any right of way on this road, it is like a
private road but the city needs to make it safe and passable. There was discussion about the history of
the road and the annexation of property in the area. The fire chief and police chief both agreed that it
is difficult and in come instances impossible to get certain vehicles to the area for fire protection. Steve
Hesse will bring a cost estimate for a survey to the council next month.
Wilkerson Road drainage problem was explained and discussed. There was also discussion of the
funding of these projects and how best to obtain the funding.
The council decided to get bids for the Wilkerson Road project while waiting for the survey cost
estimate on the Criss Hollow Road project.
Tom Bramlett moved to pay bills, Buddy Curry seconded.
Tom Bramlett moved to adjourn, Buddy Curry seconded, motion carried and the meeting adjourned at
7:40 p.m.