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City Council Minutes

AUGUST 9, 2011

AUGUST 9, 2011

The Johnson City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. On August 9, 2011, by Recorder/Treasurer,
Jennifer Allen. Jennifer reported that Mayor Barron was improving but still not quite ready to return to
work. Connie Test recorded the minutes of the meeting. Present were Police Chief Vernon Sisemore,
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Street Superintendent Randy
Birchfield, Building Official Paul Sullins,-r. WI t"l'2mPFjre Department, Councilmen Bill Burnett,
Buddy Curry, Tom Bramlett, Bob Fant, Keith Allen. Melissia Tomlinson was absent.
Keith Allen moved to accept the minutes, Bob Fant seconded and the motion carried.
POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: 24 new cases were opened and 17 closed; 4 remained
open and 3 pending. They have been qualifying officers; some officers have been participating in
"Stuff the Busses" a school assistant program at Wal-mart. Have been working on manual, no
changes, just clarifications to go into the Policies and Procedures Manual. There will be a vote at the
next council meeting on a resolution.
FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Received a Hummer from the Police Department. It is
now in service. It will be a great benefit to the fire department. The men have worked repairing and
restoring the vehicle. Much of the month has been spent keeping the men safe and hydrated in the
extreme heat.
STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT: Ball Street is finished and the paperwork will be
submitted this week to receive funds. Main Drive repair is finished and waiting on striping paint. Will
be able to remove the bridge on Carley when Mr. Hesse and the Springdale Engineer secure the sewer
line. The rear parking lot is finished. The fire department donated the street department a 1992 pickup.
BUILDING OFFICIAL REPORT: The roofers are scheduled for the 1sr week of September to
do the City Hall and the Post Office. Inspections and permits are about the same as last month.
RECORDER/TREASURER: Spending freeze still in force. The balance reflects money
for the roof repairs and other expenses, that will be used for hail damage.
CITY ATTORNEY: Things have been quiet. Danny called AT&T and received a few calls on
trash issues. The paperwork for 1st Class City is "in the mail"
ORDINANCE 2011-05:
in the permit fee amount;
FIREWORKS DISPLAY. The first reading was on 6/15/11. Need to fill
SECOND READING: Danny Wright read the second reading; Buddy Curry moved to accept the
second reading of the ordinance, Bob Fant Seconded; Vote: Bull Bumett, yes; Buddy Curry, yes; Tom
Bramlett, yes; Bob Fant, yes; Keith Allen, yes. Motion carried
Bob Fant reported that the Committee on the move from 2nd Class City to 1st Class City recommend,
and the mayor agrees, that the Volunteer Fire Department continue as it is now; and that the City Clerk
position will be an elected position and the Treasurer position will be an appointed position. The same
person could hold both positions. An ordinance will be prepared. Bob Fant moved that the Clerk
position will be elected, the treasurer position will be appointed and the Fire Department will continue
as it now exists. Keith Allen seconded and the motion carried.
After discussion of the resurfacing of Main Drive from stop light at Wilkerson St. west to railroad
tracks, Bob Fant moved to proceed with the engineer's work now, to be ready when the funds are
available. Keith Allen seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Buddy Curry moved to pay bills; Keith Allen seconded; the motion carried
Keith Allen moved to adjourn; Buddy Curry seconded and the meeting adjourned at 6:27 p.m ..