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City Council Minutes

May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

Mayor Lonnie Barron called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and asked to deviate from
the agenda for a few minutes.
Present were Alderman Melissia Tomlinson, Bill Burnett, Buddy Curry, and Keith Allen.
Also present were City Clerk Jennifer Allen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief
Vernon Sisemore, Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield, and Building Official Paul
Sullins. Aldermen Bob Fant, Tom Bramlett and Fire Chief Matt Mills were absent.
Chief Sisemore recognized Officers Taylor, Sylvester, Coker, Dominguez and Lawson
with life saving awards for extra effort above the call of duty on April 25, 2011 during the
flooding. These officers will also be recognized by the Red Cross. Chief Sisemore stated
there were many rescues and they did an excellent job.
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield recognized Clay Wilson, Gerry Russell and Mark
Eaton with letters of appreciation from Mayor Barron, Chief Sisemore and himself along
with plaques. Mayor Barron stated the street crew has been a real life saver for the city
with the tough winter we have had and all the flooding. Mayor Barron stated they had
the whole city's appreciation.
Mayor Barron stated June 11, 2011 will be the Johnson Switch Festival and recognized
chairman Denny Upton. Upton stated there has been great response from city
businesses. There will be a car show, vendor booths, a farmers market, a citywide
sidewalk sale along with the surplus auction and music in the park performed by Rick
Jane Ellison Barron read a poem she had composed about historical Johnson in honor
of the so" anniversary of the city's incorporation ..
Returning to business, Mayor Barron asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the
April 12, 2011 council meeting. Buddy Curry made a motion to approve the minutes and
Keith Allen seconded. All approved.
Department Head Reports:
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated 25 new cases were opened, 20 were closed and 1
is pending. Chief Sisemore stated during the hail storm 6 units received $34,000.00 in
damages and he is looking at creative ways to use the $28,000 insurance money to put
them back together.

Fire Chief Matt Mills was absent and Todd Witzig man represented the department.
Witzigman stated they had 35 calls for service. Witzig man stated the department had
had 120 hours of training and had not received word back on the ISO visit.
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield stated the Johnson clean up had gone fair; rain
hampered participation. Birchfield stated they have been busy cleaning up flood
damage. Birchfield stated he wants to get a bid from Deeco, Sweetser and Tomlinson
on a bid + basis to fix Main Drive. Birchfield stated the old one lane bridge over the Little
Sandy Creek that has been closed for years needs to be removed as it catches debris
when the creek runs high. Discussion was had and all approved the bridge removal.
Birchfield stated he is working on getting permits from ADEM to allow them to get in the
creeks to clean out debris. Birchfield stated the plants should be in on the hill by the end
of the week, weather permitting. Birchfield stated that last month he had told the council
that city has the opportunity to get in a program through Lowes to get a free asphalt
crack sealer application machine by buying 2 pallets of the crack sealer for about
$2,400.00. Discussion was had. City Clerk Jennifer Allen stated the street fund has
benefited the most from the population increase as the turn back is now about 1 Y2times
what it was. Mayor Barron asked for a motion to approve the purchase. Buddy Curry
made the motion and Keith Allen seconded. All approved.
Building Official Paul Sullins stated he has been helping with the Johnson Switch
City Clerk Jennifer Allen stated the Municipal Health Benefit Fund premiums for the
second half of the year will remain the same. Allen stated we are holding the line on all
spending. Allen stated the city has not yet received property tax this month and that
amount has historically run in the $100,000.00 range.

City Attorney Danny Wright stated there is not a lot going on right now. Wright stated
the City has not received the official letter from the Governor's office telling us we are
officially a first class city and that gives us some breathing room.
Mayor Barron stated the Johnson Post Office is not on the cut list, but according to
Senator Womack's office it is on the list of PO's to be studied to be cut.
Mayor Barron stated that the 22 spots behind City Hall will have the stops put in and
lines painted soon.
Mayor Barron reiterated that the MHBF premiums will not increase in July.
Mayor Barron discussed the possibility that our portion of county jail funding could
Mayor Barron stated the ordinance prepared by the digital advertising provider put them
in the position of being the only provider with no competition. Mayor Barron stated there
would be no off site advertising and the height requested is higher than anything in our
current building code. Mayor Barron recommended that we put it on hold as there is no
known benefit to acting now and the council agreed.
Mayor Barron stated Springdale needs us to agree to move and expand the stop light at
48th Street. Discussion was had. It was agreed that we will do what ever needs to be
done and Mayor Barron was asked to convey that message.
Mayor Barron stated Steve and Kim Hesse have agreed to do the engineering for the
wetlands along clear creek for free and try to get grants to get it completed. Mayor
Barron stated if we do that, the property owners will give it to the city. Mayor Barron
stated the flood got the Corps of Engineer's attention. Discussion was had. It was
agreed to not do anything until the money was in place to build the wetlands so the city
doesn't inherit the developer's liability.
Unfinished Business:
Continued until next month.
Mayor Barron stated he had received a price for the property next door of $245,000.00
and he wanted direction from the council as to how to handle it. Mayor Barron stated
there was only 120' frontage with the remainder of the 2.1 +/- acres behind the other
property. Mayor Barron stated they will have to tear the house down. Discussion was
had. Keith Allen made a motion to decline the offer and Melissia Tomlinson seconded.
All approved.
New Business:
Mayor Barron stated with regard to the flood damage, it is hoped that $5,000.00 will fix
Main Drive. City Attorney Wright stated if it was over $20,000.00 the engineers would
have to be involved. Mayor Barron stated they will get some estimates in and vote on it
at the next meeting. Mayor Barron stated there will no trailers put back in the area that
Mayor Barron stated the Aldermen had all received a memo with information from
Danny Wright about the changes required to become a city of the first class. Mayor
Barron recommended a committee be formed to help guide the council through this
process, with Bob Fant as the chairman, Buddy Curry and Tom Bramlett. Keith Allen
made a motion to approve the formation of the committee as listed by the Mayor and
Melissia Tomlinson seconded. All approved.
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to pay the bills from the General Fund, Street Fund,
Act 988 Fund, Warrant Service Fund and Court Automation Fund that the council had
reviewed. Buddy Curry made a motion to pay the bills and Keith Allen seconded. All
Mayor Barron asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Melissia Tomlinson and
seconded by Keith Allen. All approved and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.