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City Council Minutes

March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013

Mayor Buddy Curry called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
Present were Aldermen Richard McMullen, Bill Burnett, Tom Bramlett, Bob Fant and Jim Shankle.
Also present were Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief
Vernon Sisemore, Fire Chief Matt Mills and Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield. Alderman Dan
Cross and Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson were absent.
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2013 council meeting.
Bob Fant made a motion to approve the minutes as written and was seconded by Richard McMullen.
All approved.
Department Head Reports:
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated 21 new cases were opened, 17 closed, 1 pending. Chief
Sisemore stated there were 128 calls for service. Chief Sisemore stated in December when Denny
Upton left, the council approved running the court with 2 full time employees and 1 part time
employee. Sisemore stated they would like to expand the part time court position back to full time as
there is more work this position can do. Sisemore stated it is more cost effective to have a clerk do
some of the paperwork officers are pulled off the streets to do. Net cost to the city will be an
increase to the budget of $13,527.00. Bob Fant made a motion to approve the full time position
effective the beginning of the next pay period and Jim Shankle seconded. All approved.
Fire Chief Matt Mills stated the department received 17 calls for service. Chief Mills stated the
department has improved the ability to do reports at the scene of an incident with the purchase of
an IPad and software.
Street Superintendent Randy Birchfield stated Mark Eaton has been trained on the use of the traffic
counter. Birchfield stated the signs for Johnson Mill Boulevard are in and ready to go up on March
14th. Birchfield stated the insurance check finally arrived and the guardrail at the railroad crossing has
been replaced.
Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson was out due to illness. His report showed 3 new building permits,
17 inspections. Wilson worked on fleet maintenance and animal control and is still studying for his
ICC Residential Inspector License.
There were no committee meetings.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen stated the 2012 Audit was completed 3/5/2013 and for the 4th
year in a row, there were no findings and we have a clean audit. Allen stated the official copy will be
mailed once the report is approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. Allen stated the city has
spent $7,870 of the $50,000.00 received for our General Improvement Project. Allen stated a savings
line for Vacation/Sick leave payout for employees leaving the city's employment has been added to
this months report; basically a savings vehicle for future needs. Allen stated sales tax received was up
$10,000.00 from the same period last year and there is $15,000.00 more available this month than
City Attorney Danny Wright stated the ARML has filed a motion to dismiss the current class action
lawsuit regarding a $10 credit due for wearing a seatbelt when cited for a moving violation. Wright
stated there will be a number of ordinances coming in the next few months to clean up and address
some really old stuff discovered by reviewing the codification book. Wright stated there has been a
change in the Hazmat program, mainly the name; cost is $.38 per capita. Wright stated the first
public defender cases were heard here last week and it saved a tremendous amount of time and
money to have it here and not Springdale. Wright stated next month we will start taking apart the
PUD that was created along with the Tax Incremental Financing (TIP) district and Municipal Property
Owners Improvement District (MPOID) in the same location. The plan has already been dissolved and
the rezoning can be resolved. The TIP and the MPOID are all tangled up together and it is going to
take some work to get it all straightened out. Discussion was had about current (possible/pending)
legislation in Little Rock.
Mayor Curry stated the new fence is done around the PD, the sidewalk will be poured tomorrow and
work has begun on the City Hall parking lot.
Mayor Curry stated he will email a file of ordinances to be reviewed to each alderman. That way they
can look over them at their leisure before the next meeting.
Mayor Curry stated progress is being made on Johnson Mill Blvd. project. The road name change will
be effective 3/14/2013 and the state highway department should be changing the signs on 1-540 this
Unfinished Business:
EXISTING BUILDINGS AND OTHER RELATED MATTERS. Mayor Curry asked for 3 motion to read the
ordinance by title only. Motion was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Richard McMullen. Roll call:
Richard McMullen, yes; Bill Burnett, yes; Tom Bramlett, yes; Bob Fant, yes; Jim Shankle, yes. City
Attorney Wright read the title. Mayor Curry asked for a motion to approve this third reading. Motion
to approve was made by Jirn Shankle and seconded by Bob Fant. Roll call: Richard McMullen, yes; Bill
Burnett, yes; Tom Bramlett, yes; Bob Fant, yes; Jim Shankle, yes. ORDINANCE 2013-02 was
New Business: None
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to pay the bills from the General Fund, Street Fund, Act 988 Fund,
Warrant Service Fund and Court Automation Fund that the council had reviewed. Tom Bramlett
made a motion to pay the bills and Bob Fant seconded. All approved.
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Bill
Burnett. All approved and the meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.