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City Council Minutes

January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014
Mayor Buddy Curry called the meetingto order at 6:00 pm.
Present were Aldermen Richard McMullen, Bill Burnett, Dan Cross, Tom Bramlett and Bob Fant.
Also present were Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief
Vernon Sisemore, Fire Chief Matt Mills, Maintenance Superintendent Gerry Russell and Building
Official/Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson. Aldermen Jim Shankle was absent.
Mayor Curry stated he was amendingthe agenda to include Resolution 2014-01.
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the December 10, 2013 council meeting.
Bob Fant a motion to approve the minutes and was seconded by Richard McMullen. All approved.
Mayor Curry asked f o ra motion to approve the minutes of the December 20, 2013 special council
meeting. Richard McMullen stated these minutes did not show that all approved after each motion
and needed to be corrected. Bob Fant a motion to approve the minutes with the correction and was
seconded by Dan Cross. All approved.
Department Head Reports:
Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated that 32 new cases were opened and 25 closed, 5 wrecks. Chief
Sisemore said in 2013 there were the most cases ever with 508 opened and all but 45 closed, with 9
of those pending.
Fire Chief Matt Mills stated there were 20 calls for service, mostly EMS, 264 for 2013. Chief Mills said
with the new year he has some new staff. Chief Mills said automatic aid agreement was used with
Fayetteville and he is working on finalizing the agreement with Springdale. Chief Mills stated they are
fortunate to have good interagency cooperation. Chief Mills stated they had stripped the old tanker
truck to give to the City.
Maintenance Superintendent Gerry Russell stated the his department worked many extra hours in
the bad weather. Russell stated they have begun working on the outside dog kennels, done some
building maintenance and mended pot holes. Mayor Curry praised Russell and his department for the
great job they are doing.
Building Official/Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson stated 2 building permits and 9 mechanical
permits were issued. Wilson stated he did 327 inspections in 2013 and handled 70 animal complaints.
Wilson said he is working on outfitting the newTahoeto get it on the street.
Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen stated that the City did well financially in 2013 and is starting 2014
in good financial condition. Allen stated approximately $31,500.00 was spent this month on annual
expenditures such as Workers Comp Insurance, ARML membership, Regional Planning membership,
cell tower rental, etc. Allen stated there a few other annual items that will arrive in the next few
months. Allen stated each Alderman had received a Statement of Financial Interest which the State
Ethics Commission requires be completed annually and asked that they be completed and returned
by the end of the month. Allen stated the city has spent $20,911 of the $50,000.00 received for our
General Improvement Project. The disbursement of the remaining $29,089 is project specific and
cannot be spent for anything other than proposed projects.
City Attorney Danny Wright stated all appeals were completed in 2013. He encouraged the Aldermen
to attend the ARML Winter Conference in Rogers January 29-31, 2014.
Mayor Curry welcomed visitors and told them they are welcome to make comments when we get to
the New Business section of the agenda.
Mayor Curry said his State of the City letter was handed out to the Aldermen and could also be found
online at Mayor Curry stated he will be running for re-election this year as
he has many projects in the works and goals that he wants to see come to fruition.
Mayor Curry stated the council had a copy of the trail ordinance to review and make comments. Dan
Cross said there has been a 3 week weather delay but the final punch list will be completed when the
trail dries out.
Mayor Curry stated work on the Johnson Mill Boulevard project has been delayed by the weather but
they are getting ready to fire back up and hoping the road will be open by April 14, 2014.
Mayor Curry stated he attended a preconstruction meeting for the 1-540 interchange improvement.
They are working on the change order to get that section Johnson Mill Blvd. to 5 lanes to meet the
current design.
Mayor Curry stated he has a meeting with the Johnson Crossing owners scheduled for January 28,
2014; they are looking for an anchor business.
Unfinished Business:
New Business:
City Attorney Danny Wright the City was dismissed in December from the lawsuit with the Bynum's,
but the plaintiff is trying to get the City back in; technically we have been sued again. However, the
Bynum's attorney told Wright the case should be closed entirely by the end of the month before our
response is due in early February. Wright stated the worst case scenario is that we would have to file
to dismiss again. Questions from the audience about the situation were asked and discussed. Wright
told the people that they needed to hire their own attorneys as individuals are different than the city.
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to grant Wright permission to settle this again which was made by
Bob Fant and seconded by Bill Burnett. All approved.
THE JOHNSON AREA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. It was noted that "trails" was added to
paragraph 3A of agreement and Chief Mills stated the amount should be $264,000.00. Mayor Curry
asked for a motion to approve this resolution which was made by Tom Bramlett and seconded by Bob
Fant. All approved
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to pay the bills from the General Fund, Street Fund, Act 988 Fund
and Court Automation Fund that the council had reviewed. Bob Fant made a motion to pay the bills
and Dan Cross seconded. All approved.
Mayor Curry asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Bob Fant and seconded by Dan Cross.
All approved and the meeting was adjourned at 6:47 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,