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City Council Minutes

Monday, 18 April 2016 18:42

February 9, 2016

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Mayor Chris Keeney called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Present were Aldermen Bill Burnett, Dan Cross, Hunter Haynes, Bob Fant and Melissa Posinski. Also present were Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief Vernon Sisemore, Fire Chief Matt Mills, Public Works Director Gerry Russell and Building Official/Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson. Alderman Richard McMullen wasabsent.

Mayor Keeney amended the agenda to recognize the Police and Fire Departmentsfirst.

Mayor Keeney recognized Randy George, Post Commander VFW 2952. George gave a civic award to Police Officers Mike Lisenbee and Justin Belew for their actions in the community. George also presented the Police Officer of the year Award to Justin Belew on behalf of the JPD and Fire Fighter of the Year Award to Cody Bennett on behalf of the JAVFD. These men were applauded for theirdedication.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the December 8, 2015 council meeting. Bob Fant made a motion to approve the minutes as written and was seconded by Hunter Haynes. Allapproved.

Department HeadReports:

Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated that 46 new cases were opened and 41 closed. Chief Sisemore stated in 2015, the department had a 95% closure rate for criminal cases and responded to 1,769  calls for service while keeping overtime well  controlled.

Fire Chief Matt Mills stated there were approximately 280 calls for service in 2015. Chief Mills stated they purchased a gear washer and a life pack 12  with a 5 year warranty to  aid their ability to provide initial medical assessment more quickly on EMS calls. Chief Mills stated the department also has purchased a $2,500.00 Hummer from surplus and  in 18  months it is theirs fee and clear. The department  has been utilizing the extra money to staff weekends and it is going well. Chief Mills stated that Central EMS has a 24 hour crew bunking overnight until the Tontitown facilities are complete, but Johnson will retain a 12  hour squad 7:00 am to 7:00 pm even after Tontitown  is done.

Public Works Director Gerry Russell stated they have built a roof structure over the newly designated smoking area, repaired Ball Street by the bridge, used the boom mower all over town and repaired Cris HollowRoad.

Building Official/Maintenance Specialist Clay Wilson stated he had done 19 inspections. Wilson stated he held a Technical Plat Review and attended the Planning Commission meeting. Wilson stated he attended a class in Rogers regarding Day Care fire suppression.

Personnel Committee: Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen stated the committee

met on January 9, 2016 to continue working on revisions to the Personnel Handbook. Allen stated in 2014, a memo went out when the City changed over to hourly pay stating uniformed employees would receive an extra pay incentive for working on a holiday

that equaled double time and a half. We call this pay category Holiday Prime. In our review process, we discovered that this practice, while approved by the committee, had not been approved by the City Council. The committee requests that the Holiday Prime paid be ratified for last year and continue into this year until changes can be made to  the Police Department SOP and the Personnel Handbook when both are formally approved by the council. Motion was made by Melissa Pasinski and seconded by Hunter Haynes. Allapproved.

Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer Allen stated that turn back funds and property taxes have been received but sales taxes have not. Allen stated 2015 was a good year financially for theCityofJohnson.SpendingwaskeptincheckandtheCityinvested$300,000inCD's. The triangle  land was purchased expanding our footprint and it will be paid off by the  end of the year. Allen stated the City starts 2016 in good financial shape and will continue building cash reserves. Allen stated significant first of the year payments made this month include membership in ARML ($6,748) & NWARPC ($3,354), Workers' Comp Insurance Premium of $14,595, $3,380 for a 4 year warranty on the body cams, tower rental $3,150 and leads for $1,668 totaling almost $33,000. Allen told the Aldermen that they have all received a Statement of Financial Interest Form for 2015.

This needs to be completed and notarized and turned in to the office by February 1, 2016.TheFormisrequiredbytheArkansasEthicsCommission.

City Attorney Danny Wright stated he has been working on the fire hydrant ordinance, the park lease, working on the Personnel policy, doing research for the sign ordinance and the hill top/hill side overlay district. Wright said court is going well and he has settled with one of the 2 companies that had trucks hit the Ball Street  bridge.

Mayor Keeney stated the drainage in the City did very well with the incredible amount of rainfall received; only concern was water over Main Drive briefly at the  bridge.

Unfinished Business: none New Business:



PURPOSES.  Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to read ORDINANCE 2016- 01. Motion  was made by Hunter Haynes and seconded by Dan Cross. Roll call: Bill Burnett, yes; Dan Cross, yes; Hunter Haynes, yes; Bob Fant, yes; Melissa Posinski, yes. City Attorney Danny Wright read the ordinance  in its entirety.  Mayor  Keeney asked for  a  motion to  approve the first reading of ORDINANCE  2016-01. Motion was made by Dan Cross and seconded  by Bob Fant. Roll call: Bill Burnett, yes; Dan Cross, yes; Hunter Haynes, yes; Bob Fant,   yes; Melissa Posinski,yes.


Resolution was read by City Attorney Danny Wright. Motion to approve was made by BobFantandsecondedbyMelissaPosinski.Allapproved.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to pay the bills from the General Fund, Street Fund, Act 988 Fund and Court Automation Fund that the council had reviewed. Bob Fant made a motiontopaythebillsandDanCrossseconded.Allapproved.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Dan Cross and secondedbyMelissaPasinski.Allapproved.Themeetingwasadjournedat6:26pm.


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