City Council Minutes
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City Council Minutes

JULY 10, 2018

JULY 10, 2018

Mayor Chris Keeney called the meeting to order at 6:00 pin.

Present were Council Members Angela Perea, Katherine Hudson, Bill Burnett, John Wright and Bob Fant. Also present were Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer AIlen, City Attorney Danny Wright, Police Chief Vernon Sisemore, Fire Chief Matt Mills, and Building Official Clay Wilson. Council member Dan Cross was absent.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the June 12, 2018 council meeting taken by Michelle Home. Bob Fant made a motion to approve the minutes as written and was seconded by Katherine Hudson. All approved.

Department Head Reports:

Police Chief Vernon Sisemore stated that 29 new cases were opened and 26 were closed. Chief Sisemore stated Officer Belew has resigned and is going to Prairie Grove.

Fire Chief Matt Mills stated there were 25 calls for service including a structure fire in Fayetteville. Chief Mills said 2 Fire fighters completed Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) training and the Department is holding a pancake breakfast on August 11, 2018.

Mayor Keeney said the Public Works Department has mowed and maintained the parks, right of ways, trailhead and trail systems and installed the new street signs along Wilkerson.

Building Official/Maintenance Specialist clay Wilson stated there were no new building permits, 10 mechanical permits issued. Wilson stated KFSM is working on finalizing the hydrant locations and grading issues and then should be ready to go. Wilson said he did MS4 inspections after the rain and attended the TPR meeting and Planning Commission meeting along with numerous other meetings with the City Engineer.

Recorder/Treasurer Jennifer AIlen stated that State Turnback and Property Taxes have been received; Sales Taxes have not. $30,000.00 was transferred to the LOPFl fund to pay police retirement. SITT taxes should be received this month and we will ride that credit out for as long as we can and then take over payment again. Historically, the credit has paid for up to 4 months of the City's contribution. 2 smaller CD's have matured and were rolled into a larger one paying higher interest. The Election forms for the fall 2018 Election are available in the Recorder/Treasurer's office. Council Members in Position 1 of all 3 wards are up for election this year along with the Mayor. Beginning filing date is July 27, 2018 with the closing being August 17, 2018 at noon.

City Attorney Danny Wright stated he attended the ARML meeting in June and has been working on the annexation, bonding and the Fire Department transfer. Wright stated there is a meeting of the Fire Board scheduled for August 6, 2018 to dissolve the 501(c)3; from that point he recommended appointing a committee and a chief and in October, creating the department November 1, 2018; transfer assets effective December 31, 2018 and have the department up and running on January 1, 2019.

Mayor Keeney stated the fire truck should be completed no later than August 17, 2018 by Jon's Mid America in Rogersville, MO.

Mayor Keeney stated the Wooded Hollow subdivision is not interested in being annexed into the City (area C on the map) but he believes sections A and 8 are. The easiest way for them to annex in is by 100% property owner petition.

Mayor Keeney stated EDA is working on bid documents for the crosswalk and lighting for the trailhead.

Mayor Keeney stated the salary range for hiring a city planner would be $45,000 -$55,000 per year. He will work with Juliet Richey to develop a job description and bring it back to Council.

Mayor Keeney asked for volunteers from the Council to serve on the Chief of Police search committee and on the Fire Department committee. Bob Fant, John Wright and Angela Perea all volunteered to serve where ever needed.

Unfinished Business: NONE

New Business:

Kyle Salyer and Brett Peters of Hawkins-Weir presented the scope of engineering work for the feasibility study phase of the Main & Wilkerson project, and cost of those services. The project will include 10,000 feet of widening with a multi-use trail from west of the bridge on Main to Highway 718, and from the bridge north on Wilkerson to the light at Main. The feasibility plan will be done and the construction plans more that 50% complete with cost approximately $378,000.00. Mayor Keeney stated the City would be looking at bonding to pay for the project itself. John Wright made a motion to approve a contract for this project and was seconded by
Katherine Hudson. All approved.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to approve the appointment of M. Todd Wood to the Planning Commission, taking the place of Susan Anders, who has moved. The term expires December 31, 2018. Katherine Hudson made a motion to approve the appointment and was seconded by John Wright. All approved.

Mayor Keeney stated the City has received 2 bids for the storm debris cleanup needed from the from the April 2017 storm event. FEMA will pay up to $132,606 and the City has already received $26,000 for the bridge and abutment on Scull Creek. The bids are: Diamond C = $110,788.90 and Keith Austin: $126,333.54. John Wright made a motion to accept the bid from Diamond C and was seconded by Bob Fant. All approved. After more discussion about the debris removal, John Wright made a motion to put in a 10% contingency and the requirement of a change order for anything above that in Section 3 and was seconded by Katherine Hudson. All approved. City Attorney Danny Wright read RESOLUTlON 2018-09: A RESOLUTION TO AUTHORIZE ACCEPTANCE OF BID FOR DEBRIS REMOVAL AT 3 SITES RELATED TO SCULL CREEK with the above Stipulations filled in. Katherine Hudson made a motion to approve the Resolution and was seconded by Angela Perea. All approved. Discussion moved to the Scull Creek repairs portion of the bid. Bob Fant made a motion to approve the amount of $52,086.20 adding 10% contingency and was seconded by Katherine Hudson. All approved. City Attorney Danny Wright read RESOLUTION 2018-10: A RESOLUTION TO AUTHORIZE ACCEPTANCE OF BID FOR SCULL CREEK TRAIL REPAIRS with the above stipulations filled in. John Wright made a motion to approve and was seconded by Katherine Hudson. All approved.

Mayor Keeney presented ORDINANCE 2018-9: AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE ZONING DISTRICT CLASSIFICATION AND BOUNDARIES REGARDING PROPERTY IDENTIFIED IN REZONING PETITlON 2017-28 0F FADIL BAYYARI, TRUSTEE OF THE FADIL BAYYARI REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, u/t/d JULY 31, 1997, APPROVED MARCH 1, 2018, BY JOHNSON PLANNING COMMISSION. Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to read Ordinance 2018-09 by title only, waiving the second and third readings. Motion was made by John Wright and seconded by Katherine Hudson. Roll call: Angela Perea, yes; Katherine Hudson, yes; Bill Burnett, yes; John Wright, yes; Bob Fant, yes. City Attorney Danny Wright read the ordinance by title only. Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to approve this reading of ORDINANCE 2018-09 by title only. Motion was made by John Wright and seconded by Katherine Hudson. Roll call: Angela Perea, yes; Katherine Hudson, yes; Bill Burnett, yes; John Wright, yes; Bob Fant, yes. ORDINANCE 2018-09 was approved.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to pay the bills from the General Fund, Street Fund, Act 988 Fund and Court Automation Fund that the council had reviewed. Bob Fant made a motion to pay the bills and Angela Perea seconded. All approved.

Mayor Keeney asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Bill Burnett and seconded by Bob Fant. All approved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,