Code Enforcement FAQ
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Code Enforcement FAQ

Can I build a storage building in my back yard?

(Answer) Yes, as long the building is no larger than 120 square feet. If the building is larger than 120 square feet then a building permit is required.

What can I do about a neighbor refusing to mow and pickup rubbish/garbage in their yard?

(Answer) The City of Johnson has ordinances that address overgrown yards, garbage/rubbish and unsanitary conditions. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer at Johnson City Hall.

Can I have an inoperable vehicle on my property?

(Answer) No, not in public view. It is a violation of city ordinance to have or leave any abandoned, unlicensed, inoperable, unsightly motor vehicle exposed to public view on any private premises for a period of more than 15 days.

Does the City of Johnson require a Garage Sale Permit?

(Answer) Yes but you are only allowed 4 garage sales per year. There is no charge for the permit.