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Ordinance 1997-10

WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Johnson, Arkansas,
deems it necessary to afford the Mayor of Johnson statutory
authority to purchase, sell or exchange property in compliance with
the laws of the State of Arkansas;
WHEREAS, said law requires that a procedure be established for
said purchase, sale or exchange of property;
WHEREAS, said procedures would be beneficial to the operation
of City government and in the best interests of the citizens of
Johnson; and,
WHEREAS, Ordinance 96-3 has proved to be too flexible to
pontrol City expenditures and provide financial stability for the
SECTION 1: Ordinance 96-3 of the City of Johnson is hereby
repealed in its entirety effective with the passage of this
SECTION 2: The Mayor, or his duly authorized representative,
shall have exclusive power and responsibility of making purchases
of all supplies, apparatus, equipment and materials for the City of
Johnson where the total expenditure therefor is below the sum of
SECTION 3: That all purchases for the City of supplies,
apparatus, equipment, materials and other things requisite for
public purposes where the expenditure therefor is in excess of
$500.00 but less than $2,500.00 shall be authorized by the City

Council; such expenditures that exceed $2,500.00 but are less than
$5,000.00 shall be authorized by the City Council after the
securing of quotation bids therefor; provided, however, purchases
less than $5,000.00 at state bid prices shall be exempt from the
provisions of this section.
SECTION 4: Competitive bids are required when the purchase or
contract exceeds the sum of $5,000.00, and the Mayor, or City
Council, shall invite competitive bids thereon by legal
advertisement in a newspaper as required by law. Bids received
pursuant to said advertisement shall be opened and read on the date
set for receiving said bids, in the presence of the Mayor, and City
Council. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible
bidder provided, however, the Mayor, or City Council, may reject
any and all bids received. Further, nothing in this paragraph
shall limit the City Council's authority under State law to waive
competitive bidding when the City Council finds it is not feasible
or practical.
SECTION 5: That the Mayor, or his duly authorized
representative, may approve for payment out of any funds previously
appropriated for that purpose, or disapprove any bills, debts or
liabilities asserted as claims against the City, when funds on hand
are adequate to pay such bills, debts or liabilities. That the
payment or disapproval of any bills, debts or liabilities not
covered by a previous appropriation shall require confirmation of
the governing body.
SECTION 6: That the Mayor, or his duly authorized
representative, with prior approval of the City Council, may sell

or exchange any municipal supplies, materials or equipment without
competitive bidding if such supplies, materials or equipment have
a market value of less than $1,000.00. That no supplies, materials
or equipment shall be sold without receiving competitive bids
(unless advertised and sold at public auction) if the market value
thereof exceeds the sum of $1,000.00.
SECTION 7: All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict
herewith are hereby repealed.
SECTION 8: Emergency Clause. It is hereby declared that an
emergency exists and this ordinance, being necessary for the
immediate preservation of the public health, safety and welfare of
the citizens of Johnson, Arkansas, and sound fiscal responsibility,
snail be in effect immediately upon its passage, and