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Ordinance 2016-24



WHEREAS, Chapter 7.16 of the Johnson Municipal Code was written and adopted prior to the adoption of an Arkansas State Fire Code, specifically Section 307 thereof;

WHEREAS, the Johnson Area Volunteer Fire Department has recommended some refinements to the language in the current Chapter 7.16; and,

WHEREAS, the new Chapter 7.16 has been recommended for replacement of the current Chapter 7.16 by the Johnson Area Volunteer Fire Department.


Section 1:Title 7, Chapter 7.16 of the Johnson Municipal Code is hereby repealed in its entirety and the following is hereby adopted as the new Chapter 7.16:



7.16.01 Adoption of Portions of Section 307,2012 International Fire Code® /Arkansas 2012

7.16.02 Permitted  Open Burning

7.16.03 Prohibited Conduct/Penalty

7.16.01 Adoption of Portions of Section 307, 2012 International Fire Code®/Arkansas 2012 Section 307, except for subsections 307.2 and 307.2.1, of the 2012 International Fire Code®/Arkansas 2012, as attached hereto at Exhibit A, is hereby adopted as fully as if set forth herein word for word, and shall been force able as apart of this Chapter.

7.16.02 Rules:    In conjunction  with  the 2012  International  Fire  Code®/Arkansas2012,the following  rules must be followed when burning outdoors inside the City:A permit is required for all controlled burns. Permits may be obtained at the Johnson Area Volunteer Fire Department during normal business hours and notification made as to the location of the fire and the person responsible for the fire. A fire may not be ignited before obtaining a permit.

A. Unless specifically permitted otherwise by the Johnson Area Volunteer  Fire  Department , fires shall be small (3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height)  and fifty (50) feet or more from any building. Any variance from this subsection  must  be approved  by the Fire Marshall.

B. A fire must be attended by a competent adult at all times, which means a fire may not be so large in size to exceed the amount of locations for those attending the fire to properly manage and control it.

C. Fire control equipment must be available , for example, a garden hose, a fire extinguisher,

D. Only natural vegetation (brush, limbs, grass or weeds) may be burned, no processed wood or products. Burning of plastics,rubber,shingles,tires or any construction materials,

E. The fire must  be extinguished  (completely  extinguished)  by dark.

F. Gasoline or any other accelerant  may not  be used to start a  fire.

G. These rules are in addition to those set out in the state 2012 International Fire Code®/Arkansas 2012. The Fire Department may require extinguishment of the fire if a complaint is received by the Department, such as smoke blowing towards or into a person's home.

7.16.03 Prohibited Conduct/Penalty

A. The failure of any person/entity to comply with the requirements of this chapter is declared an unlawful act and declared to be a misdemeanor and upon conviction the violation shall be punishable according to the provisions as set forth below, in addition to any remedies which may be  available under state law.

B. Except as otherwise posted, a person convicted of a violation of this ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or double such sum for each repetition thereof. If the violation is , in its nature, continuous in respect to time , the penalty for allowing the continuance thereof is a fine not to exceed Two Hundred Fifty Dollars($250.00)for each day that the violation is unlawfully continued. 

C. Violations of this ordinance that are continuous with respect to time, are a public nuisance and may be abated by injunctive or other equitable relief. The imposition of a penalty does not prevent equitable relief.

D. If the violation of this ordinance is also a felony or misdemeanor under state law, the penalty for the violation shall be as prescribed by state law forth stated offense."

Section 2: Emergency Declared. The City Council for the City of Johnson, Arkansas hereby finds that unregulated open burning is extremely hazardous to the health and welfare of the public and their property within the City of Johnson; in order to maintain the highest level of safety for our residents and their property it is necessary to update the applicable fire code and additional prohibitions of the new Chapter 7.16; that an emergency exists and this Ordinance, being necessary for the preservation of public health, safety, and welfare in the City of Johnson shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its passage, approval, and publication.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 14th day of October, 2016.