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Ord #2


An Ordinance Requiring Owners or Occupants of Premises AbuttingliOn Streets To Keep The Street GUtters Alongside Their Premises Clear Ol All Matter Preventing The Free Flow Of Water Therein And Prohibiting Obstructions To Such Flow And Prescribing A Penalty For Its Violation.

Be It Ordained By The City Council Of Johnson, Arkansas:

Section 1. That the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of any block or lot or part of block or lot in the City of Johnson, Arkansas, abutting on any gutter of any street of said city shall be and are hereby required to keep the said gutter or gutters upon which the premises o~ed or occupied by them may abut, clean and clear of all obstructions to the fre~ flow of water therein, and any and all persons are hereby prohibited from depositing or permitting any deposit in any street, gutter or gutters of said city, and matter or thing that will obstruct or cause to be obstructed the free flow of water therein, provided that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to apply to obstructions caused by the natural flow of water.

Section 2. Any person violating the· provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof in the Police (or Municipal) Court be adjudged guilty of misdemeanor and fined in any sum not less than five nor more than twenty-five dollars.

Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.