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Ord #8

Ordinance No. 8

An ordinance whereby the Town of Johnson, Washington County, Arkansas, a municipal corporation, and the Springdale Water and Sewer Commission, a quasi municipal corporation, agree that the Springdale water and sewer commission shall construct, operate and maintain a water distribution and sewer collection system and appurtenance along, across on, over, through and under public streets, avenues, alleys, public grounds and places exclusively within the Corporate limits of Johnson for a period of ten years, and repealing all ordinances and agreements in conflict there with.


SECTION 8. All other ordinances and agreements and parts of ordinances and agreements relating to the operating of or right to operate a telephone system within said City are hereby repealed.


SECTION 9. The said Telephone Company shall have sixty (60) days from and after its passage and approval to file its written acceptance of this ordinance with the City Clerk, and upon such acceptance being filed, this Ordinance shall be considered as taking effect and being in force from and after the date of its passage and approval by the Mayor. The Ordinance shall continue in effect and be in force until terminated by the City or the Telephone Company as of the end of any year after giving one (1) year's notice of intention to terminate.