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Ord #35

An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Accepting A Corrected and Revised
plat of Hendrix Heiqhts Subdivision to the City of Johnson, Arkansas."
HEREAS, the County Judqe of the County of Washinqton, on August 31, 1962,
accepted a plat of Hendrix Heights, a platted subdivision in the County of
Washington. and
WHEREAS, the lands comprised in Hendrix Heights. a platted subdivision,
were thereafter annexed to and became a part of the City of Johnson, Washington
County, Arkansas, and
WHEREAS, erroneous interior and exterior 1ot 1 i nes and dimensions 1·1ere
discovered on the original accepted plat of said subdivision, and
WHEREAS, it is necessary to cause a corrected and revised plat of Hendrix
Heights Subdivision to be filed for record correcting said exterior and interior
lot lines in said subdivision and
WHEREAS, the owners of Hendrix Heiqhts Subdivision have caused a corrected
plat to be prepared, correcting enoneous calls for exterior and interior lot
lines: there has been presented to the Planning Commission of the City of Johnson
a corrected plat of certain lands located in the City of Johnson, Washington
County, Arkansas, and being more particularly descriibed as follows, to-wit:
A part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 17 North,
Range 30 West, being more particularly described as follows, to-\·lit:
Beginning at a point v1hich is 255.0 feet llorth of the Southeast corner
of said Section 22 and running thence N 87° 08' \·/ 428.9 feet; thence
N 83° 07' H 200.0 feet; thence S 89° 39' \•/ 226.0 feet; thence N 830
48' \•/ 225.2 feet, to the existing East right of way of the Johnson
Road; thence follo1·1ing said East Right of Ha.v the follo~lino bearings
and distances: N 05° 30' 1-1 39.0 feet, N 23° 59' H 133.55 feet;
N 33° Ol' H 191.5 feet, N 190 15' vi 292.04 feet, t1 250 19' \·/ 142.26
feet, to the South Line of a one acre tract; thence N 69° 05' E 66.40
feet; thence N 20° 55' H 105. 0 feet; thence Nm·th 124.89 feet, to the
North line of the Southl<est Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of said
Section 22; thence N 89° 29' E, along said forty line 64.63 feet to :
centerline of Clear Creek; thence N 720 50' E, along said creek centerline.
796.98 feet; thence N 750 37' E 157.45 feet. to the foot of the bluff;
thence following said foot of bluff N 580 05' E 313.10 feet, N 69° 03'· E
l66.10'ft.:!•1:7l.o·.l3!' E 76.2 feet,.to the East Line of said Section 22;
thence South 1569.3 feet to the point of beginning. Containinq 39.16
acres, more OJ" less. ·

Whereas, the City Planning Commission has approved the conected and rev is eel
plat of Hendrix Heiohts Subdivision, said owners being shown on the certificate
of ownership and dedication, and joins \'lith the 01·mers shovm on the certificate
of ownership and dedication, in petitioninq the City Council to acceot said
corrected and revised plilt of Hendrix Heights Subdivision, and
WHEREAS,. notice as required by lav1 has been given for the time and manner
required by law.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Johnson,
Washinaton County, Arkansas, Section I, that the corrected and revised plat of
Hendrix Heights Subdivision as shovm on the corrected and revised plat approved

by the Planning Commission of the City of Johnson, Arkansas, a copy of which is.
hereunto attached and mode a part hereof as though set out herein word for
word  be and the same is hereby, accepted by the City of Johnson, Has hi ngton
County, Arkansas, and the City hereby accepts for the use and benefit of the
oublic. the dedication contained thereon of streets and easements.
An emergency is hereby declared to exist and this ordinance shall be in
full force and effect from and after its passage, a proof of oublication and
a recording of a certified copv of same with the Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio
Recorder of Washington County, Arkansas.