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Ordinance #77

 O F

This Declaration of a Bill of Assurance made this 11th.
day of April, 1985, by Denny Tune, the owner of record of
the following described real estate, located in the City of
Johnson, Washington County, Arkansas, and more particularly
described as follows, to-wit:
A part of the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of
.Section 27, Township 17 North, Range 30 West
in-Washington County, Arkansas, being more
particularly described as follows:
Beginning at the SW Corner of said 40 acre
tract; thence N O 0 04' 54" E 832.92 feet;
thence S 89° 22' 55" E 610.5 feet; thence W
50° 37-' 05" E 468.26 feet htnece S 0° 43'
42" E 1134.19 feet; thence N 89° 22' 55" W
988.07 feet to the Point of Beginning,
containing 20-. 04 acres, more or less. Less
 and except a portion. in the Southwest Corner
i of said property which is owned by SWEPCO
(Southwestern Electric Power Company).

WHEREAS, the aforesaid owner of real property described
above has secured the approval of the City of Johnson to
amend the City of Johnson Zoning Map to rezone the above
described property from District A-l, Agricultural to District
I - Industrial; and
WHEREAS, the Owner has promised and agreed to subject the
development of said real estate pursuant to certain covenants
and restrictions pertaining to the same; and
WHEREAS, the owner is desirous of making a declaration
of the same in the' form of this Bill of-1 Assurance with the
intention of guaranteeing the preservation of certain values
and amenities in the community and to bind himself, his heirs,
successors and assigns and the above described real estate
and its subsequent owners with the obligation and restrictions
hereinafter set forth for. all present and future development
and the use of said property.

NOW, THEREFORE, the owner declares that the above
described' real property shall be held, developed, transferred,
sold, conveyed and occupied subj ect to the covenants and
restrictions herein set forth;
That the property . shall' only be- used and developed in
the following manner:
1. As a Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturing Plant,
and related material storage and handling facilities.
2. Maintenance and storage facilities for
concrete manufacturing equipment and rolling stock,
including trucks, vehicles, and other wheeled equipment
3. Concrete block manufacturing and storage
4. Commercial warehouse buildings.
5. Office building for sales and administration.
6 . Any other activities related to the support
services for the above commercial endeavors and the
construction thereof, but specifically excluding any
mining or quarrying operations , rock crushing or
explosive activity.

) s s
BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this day came before the undersigned,
a Notary Public within and for the County aforesaid, duly commissioned
and acting, Denny Tune, to me well known as the party in the foregoing
Bill of Assurance, and stated that he had executed the same for the
consideration and purposes therein mentioned and set forth.