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Ordinance #87

County of Washington


I, DARYL HERRING  hereby certify that I
am the publisher tff THE NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, a daily newspaper
having a second class mailing privilege, and being not less than four pages of
five columns each, published at a fixed place of business and at a fixed (dally)
intervals continuously In the City of Fayetleville, County of Washington, Arkansas
for more than a period of twelve months, circulated and distributed from an
established place of business to subscribers and readers generally of all classes
in the City and County for a definite price for each copy, or a fixed price per
annum, which price was fixed at what is considered the value of the publication,
based upon the news value and service value it contains, that at least fifty percent
of the subscribers thereto have paid cash for their subscriptions to the newspaper
or its agents or through recognized news dealers over a period of at least six
months; and that the said newspaper publishes an average of more than forty
percent news matter.
I further certify that the legal notice hereto attached In the matter of


was published in the/regular dally Issue of said newspaper for ;
consecutive insertions as follows:
The first insertion on the 6th day of June1986

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 11th day of
dav of June 1986