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Ordinance #92

. V
The City of Johnson, Arkansas orders as follows:
1.1 This ordinance establishes a system for assigning street names
and address numbers which will assist the public and private sector
in locating individual streets, buildings arid places in an easy
and logical manner and for the protection of public health and
safety of all persons living, working or visiting in the City of
2.1 The official street Address Map is vt part of this ordinance and
shall contain the ordinance numbered and certifications which
appear upon this 'document. The map shall identify all named
streets, numbering centerlines and block numbering" grids which
specify address number ranges. A typical section of land shall Vie
divided into 10 blocks, or grids,' North/South and East./West. Each
grid interval shall be 400 feet except in non-standard areas identified
on the map.
2.2 The official Street Address Map shall bo automatically updated
upon final plat approval of any plat or large scale development.
. The map shall include a revision block which lists the* date; and
ordinance number of the latest change.
3.1 Main Drive and it's extension to City of Johnson's East and
West city limits shall be the centerline street for North and South
address numbers. There is not an East/West center line. The
Addressing starts at Johnson's East city limits and continues progressively
4.1 For the purpose of this ordinance the word "street" shall
mean all roadways, public and private, open for general public
travel. Access drives to apartment and commercial complexes shall
not bo considered as streets and shall not be nnmed as such.

4.2 Streets running East and West shall be indentified with the
suffix "avenue" or "boulevard". Streets running North and South
shall be identified with the suffix "road" or "street".
4.3 Cul-de-sac streets which have only one entrance/exit shall not
be called "avenue" or "road" but shall have a suffix name such as
"cove, lane, place, or terrace to indicate their dead end nature.
4.4 Loop streets are circular or rectangular plan streets which
begin at one point and end at another point along1 a common street
and do not connect to any other streets. The street name suffixes
on these streets must not be "road" or "avenue" but shall be
"loop, circle; court" or other name indicating a closed street layout.

5.1 Address numbers shall be even on the North and West sides of
the street and odd on the East and South sides of the street. 100
numbers shall be assigned to each identified grid block with the
lowest number beginning1 at the point nearest the grid centerline.
Addressing is West only, starting at 1600 at the East city boundary.
Addressing North starts at 4000. Addressing South starts at
5800, except for South Ball, Bryan, Hewitt, and South Car dwell.
These 4 streets may start at 5700, if deemed feasible.
5.2 In new residential subdivisions each standard sized lot shall
be given a pre-assigned street number by the CITY CLERK upon
final plat approval. Address numbers will be assigned to large lots
relative to their capacity to be divided into two or more minimum
sized lots for the minimum width allowed by the zoning district.
Address numbers shall be assigned to lots in the appropriate odd
or even numerical sequence relative Lo their location, such as 201,
203, 205 etc.
5,.3 Address numbers for .unplatted residential and all other nonresidential
buildings shall be determined by calculation. The distance
from the center of the driveway to the last corner or grid
shall be measured to get a location number. The location number
is then divided by 4.00 to get the address. If the block number is
1200 and the location number divided by 4.00 is 43, the address is
1243 or 1244 depending upon which side of the street the building
is located.
5.4 When street intersections are within 120 feet of a grid line the
number series change shall be made at the intersection to be more
logical to the public. When a long block faces two blocks divided
by a street, the number series on the long block shall change at
the intersecting-, street so that houses facing each other will have
compatible addresses.
5.5 Diagonal streets which run 45 degrees or less from 'a
North/South line will be numbered by the North/South grid arid
those more .than 4-5 degrees from the North/South line will be numbered
by the East/West grid. Curving streets will be assigned
numbers based upon the grid of their greatest length. For
instance, if the beginning is more South than East of the end then
the North/South grid will be used.

5.6 On loop streets and cul-de-sac streets address numbering
shall begin at the entrance nearest the grid center lino. Address
numbers shall increase or decrease relative Lo their initial movemerit
from the grid centerhne and continue to the opposite end as
if the street were in a straight line. Block number changes will be
made every 528 feet with odd and even numbers remaining on r.he
same side of the street as they began.
5.7a Apartment buildings on public streets shall be assigned individual
addresses. Apartments clustered about a central parkingarea
immediately facing a public street shall also be assigned separate
street addresses.
5.7b When apartments are arranged along a private street a sign
showing the apartment complex name, with public street address
below it, must be posted at the entrance. In these instances each
building is lettered A, B, G etc. but a central postal facility for all
apartments must be located so it is readily accessible to a mail
carrier "for the public street serving the complex.
5.7c Each apartment must be identified on the exterior entrance
by number or building letter and number for multiple buildings.
The numbers shall be in sequence 1, 2, 3 etc. Apartments in lettered
buildings shall have the building letter as part of each
apartment number, 'such as B-210. When units are on multiple
floors, ground -floor numbers shall be in the 100 series (101, 102,
103 ...), second floor in the 200 series (201, 202, 20;i ...) etc. If a
common hallway is used for several apartments, the external hallway
entrance to each apartment shall contain a list of the apartments
served. When addressing town houses and other buildings
containing units separately owned, each address shall be placed
upon the principal external entryway to the unit.
5.7d The official address for each apartment on a public street
shall be the building address followed by the apartment number,
such as "329 Pernway Avenue, Apt 8". Addresses for units in
apartment buildings not on a public street shall include the public
street address and the building number with the apartment designation.
The official address for each apartment will be the public
street address followed by the building letter, a dash, and the
apartment number - such as "329 Fernway Avenue, Apt C-104".
6.1 Public and private street signs shall be installed at the
expense of the original developer and thereafter maintained by the
6.2 Private street signs shall be required. They shall conform to
the public street sign standards except shall have a blue backg'round
with white letters.
6.2a Only street name signs which are authorized by the Street
Department shall be installed within the corporate limits of the City
of Johnson. All street name signs, public or private, found not to
conform with this ordinance shall be removed by the Street Department.
Mon-conforming, damaged or deteriorated public street signs
shall be replaced as soon as possible by the Street Department.

6.2b Requests for private street signs on existtriystreets shall be

submitted to the CITY CLERIC. The CITY CLERK shall forward
authorization to the STREET DEPARTMENT immediately upon completion
after which the STREET DEPARTMENT shall have the sign prepared
and installed as soon as possible.
6.3 Address numbers shall be assigned by the city and shall be
installed by the .builder before final inspection and shall be the
owners responsibility thereafter.
6.4 Replacement of address number.'a is required within 15 days
after written notice to the owner by the BUILDING INSPECTOR.
New and replacement numbers must be placed so that they will be
clearly visible from the street of primary access to the'building1 .
6.5 Address numbers shall be a minimum of 3 inches high with
black block letters on a white background und shall be xrisible from
the street. Other colors which have sufficient contrast to be read
from the street under normal nig'httirne conditions may be approved
by the BUILDING INSPECTOR. The numbers shall be placed as near
as possible to the primary entrance of the building and preferably
above the entrance doorway. The location, style, size and color of
the required numbers shall be approved by the BUILDING INSPECTOR.
Appeals concerning numbers shall be made to the CITY
7.1 Official records of address numbers shall be maintained by the
CITY CLERK, If the BUILDING INSPECTOR'S office is the first point
of contact regarding new buildings that office- shall coordinate with
the CITY CLERK to obtain an official address assignment. The CITY
COUNCIL shall have the final authority to change any assignment
upon an appeal by any affected party.
7.2 All proposed street names and name changes shall be reviewed
for continuity with this ordinance by the CITY CLERK who shall
recommend alternative names when a proposed name duplicates or
is so similar to an existing name that confusion could hamper
prompt delivery of emergency services. The PLANNING COMMISSION
shall hold a public hearing on street name changes and shall make
a recommendation to the CITY COUNCIL. Appeals of street name
assignment can be made to the PLANNING COMMISSION. The CITY
COUNCIL shall have the final authority to change any assignment
upon an appeal by any affected party.
8.1 On any proposed amendments to these regulations or to the
Street Address Map the PLANNING COMMISSION shall hold a public
hearing, a notice of which shall be published in a local newspaper
of general distribution at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date
of lho hearing. Following the public hearing, the CITY COUNCIL
may adopt the amendment or amendments as recommended by the
PLANNING COMMISSION or as determined by a majority vote of the

9.1 Following the naming of a new street, the renaming of an
existing street, a change of an existing street number or the
assignment of a new street number, the City Clerk shall notify tho
9-1-1 Emergency Service Data Center on a form provided by the center.
9.2 The 9-1-1 Data Center shall not accept any street name or number
change or number assignment which is not on the form provided
and signed by t h e  C i t y Clerk.
10.1 Any person failing to comply with the provisions of this
ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not less than
$10.00 nor more than $25.00 plus prosecution costs for each
11.1 All ordinances or parts of ordinances conflicting with this
ordinance are hereby rescinded.
12.1 If any part of this ordinance is declared by the courts to bein
valid or unconstitutional that decision shall not effect the
validity of the remaining parts.
13.1 The CITY COUNCIL of the City of Johnson, Arkansas,
assembled in regular session, hereby declares that this ordinance
is required immediately to establish a more consistent addressing,
system that will insure more efficient and expeditious delivery of
public and private services and to protect the public health,
safety, and welfare.
13.2 Therefore, an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this
ordinance shall be in full force and effect from the date of it's