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WHEREAS, it is the intent and desire of the City Council of Johnson, Arkansas to begin
developing and carrying out a comprehensive plan for the review, updating, improvement and oversight of City personnel policies.
WHEREAS, the City Council desires the participation and input of a diverse crosssection
of the people most familiar with the City and its employees to assist and advise the
Council in this area.
WHEREAS, the City Council desires to create a Personnel Committee for the purpose of
considering, gathering information, debating, planning, and assisting in an ongoing program to
review and study City personnel matters and to advise the City Council in relation thereto;
Section 1: There is hereby created a Personnel Committee which shall be known as
the "Johnson Personnel Committee". The Committee shall have such duties and be made up as
hereinafter provided and shall perform such services for the City of Johnson and the City
Council as may be hereinafter or hereafter set forth and specified.
Section 2: These shall be the initial duties of the Johnson Personnel Committee
(hereinafter referred to as the "Committee"):
Municipal/coj Personnel Committee Resolution
a) Develop and coordinate a program to receive comments on personnel
matters, including the salaries, benefits and work conditions from citizens,
employees, and officials of the City;
b) Review the existing personnel policy of the City, relevant State and
Federal laws and City Ordinances and Resolutions, and prepare a report
(with any recommendations) to the City Council at least annually;
c) To investigate new or potentially helpful processes or equipment with a
view as to how it could be used to aid or improve City personnel matters;
d) To review information received from the various City departments and
render assistance to the departments, the Mayor, or the council in regard to
various personnel issues;
e) Develop and recommend a program to improve how the City hires,
maintains, retains and even discharges personnel;
f) Adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary for the conduct of
business at their meetings and concerning their assigned duties and
procedures for accomplishing same;
g) Coordinate a program to stimulate and receive public and employee
involvement in evaluating the personnel policies of the City;
h) Perform such other duties and conduct such other activities in connection
with personnel issues as the Council shall from time to time assign or
Section 3: A) Composition, Compensation:
Municipal/Co] Personal ConimitlK Resolution
1) The Committee shall be composed of five (5) members, appointed
by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Vacancies shall be filled by
appointment by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. At least one
member of the Committee shall be a current member of the Johnson City Council.
Each member of the Committee shall (except for some of the initial members)
serve a term of three (3) years; provided, the term of a Committee member who is
the representative from the City Council shall automatically terminate should that
committee member no longer be a member of the Johnson City Council.
2) All members of the Committee shall be residents of the City of
Johnson or City Employees and shall serve without compensation as to their
duties on this Committee. Should the residence or employment of any Committee
member change during their term so as to disqualify them from membership on
the Personnel Committee, then the successor shall be appointed (as provided
above to fill the balance of their term).
3) The terms of the initial members of the Committee shall be as
follows: Two (2) members shall be appointed for three (3) years, two (2)
members shall be appointed for two (2) years, and one (1) member shall be
appointed for one (1) year; as each of the initial members of the Committee end
their initial appointment term, their successors shall be appointed for three (3)
year terms, which shall eventually provide for approximately one-third of the
Committee to have their terms expire each year. Nothing herein shall prevent an
otherwise qualified person from being reappointed to the Personnel Committee.
B) Meetings of the Committee and Responsibilities:
Municipal/coj Personal Committee Resolution
1) The Committee shall meetTnorrthry. The Committee shall
determine the dates for each monthly meeting either by setting it on a particular
day of the month each month or at each Committee meeting, they shall then and
there select and announce the date, place and time for the meeting the following
month; however, should the Committee choose to select the place, time and date
for the monthly meetings on a monthly basis, the Committee shall post, in five (5)
public places, a notice, at least fifteen (15) days before the next monthly meeting
of the place, date and time for the next scheduled meeting. The Mayor, Recorder-
Treasurer and each Council member shall receive an e-mail or written notice of
each committee meeting at least ten (10) days before that meeting.
2) The Committee shall advise the City Council and the Mayor on the
various aspects of personnel matters of the City. The Committee may also
investigate and recommend personnel options available to the City for proposed
programs and plans.