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WHEREAS, the City Council of Johnson desires to obtain the benefits of five (5) new
cars for use by the Johnson Police Department, along with associated equipment such as light
bars, video recorder units, etc-., as detailed on Exhibit A hereto.
WHEREAS, the Police Department proposes to obtain the vehicles from Thomas Dodge
of Orland Park, Inc. at a better price than the cars could be obtained through the State Bid Office
and the equipment to complete the vehicles is specialized equipment with a limited number of
vendor options, see Exhibit A hereto regarding the specialized equipment and prices therefor.
WHEREAS, the City Council desires to obtain a loan from First Security Bank to pay for
the five (5) vehicles and associated equipment which loan will be collateralized by title retention
and a UCC filing.
1. Loan documentation prepared by First Security Bank for a loan in the total
principal amount of $150,000.00 with interest thereon at either the rate of 5.50 percent (0.55),
which would be paid at the rate of $2,865.17 per month for sixty (60) months, or interest thereon
at the rate 5.40 per cent (.054), which would be paid at the rate of $3,481.64 per month for fortyeight
(48) months with the first payment due on the day of _, 2007, and
sequential payments of the amount due on the day of each month until all principal and
interest are paid in full, such documentation is hereby approved, ratified and confirmed in all
Municipal/coj Purchase police Cars Re:
2. Attached hereto as Exhibits B, C, and D are the State Bid quote, a bid quote from
Thomas Dodge Chrysler - Jeep of Highland. Inc, and the bid quote from Thomas Dodge of
Orland Park. Inc. respectively; since the lowest bid (Exhibit D) is a better price than the state bid
price, the City Council specifically waives further competitive bidding on the vehicles, and
competitive bidding on the associated equipment is waived and the police department may
acquire the associated equipment at the prices set forth on Exhibit A hereto which purchases are
hereby expressly approved.
3. That Mayor and Recorder/Treasurer are authorized to take such steps as are
necessary to execute the originals of the loan documentation as described above including the
security documents, on behalf of the City and thereby obtain for the citizens of Johnson a loan
from First Security Bank to purchase the five (5) police cars and specialized equipment described
at Exhibit A and to make payments as provided for herein; and all payments shall be made from
Act 988 funds as available, otherwise from the Johnson General Fund.