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BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF JOHNSON, STATE OF ARKANSAS, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR OF JOHNSON, ARKANSAS TO APPLY FOR A GRANT ON BEHALF OF THE JOHNSON COMMUNITY. WHEREAS, the Johnson City Council has determined that the Johnson Community meets eligibility requirements necessary to apply for a grant under the GIF Funded Community Enhancement Grant; and WHEREAS; the Johnson Community has presented plans to acquire, install, operate and maintain a tornado siren system; and WHEREAS, the City Council of Johnson recognizes the need for the project, concurs in its importance, and supports the Johnson Community in its efforts to proceed with, the same; and THEREFORE, be .it resolved, that the Mayor of Johnson, Arkansas is hereby authorized to submit an application of request to the Arkansas Rural Development Commission for purposes of securing state grant funds in the amount of S Z57HCX) "" to aid and assist the Johnson Community in executing the proposed project described herein and that the Mayor or Recorder/Treasurer of Johnson, Arkansas is further authorized to administer the grant funds for the same project.