Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Office strives to achieve voluntary city ordinance compliance. We educate property owners, business owners, and residents by specifying the code requirements and any corrective action to remedy violations observed. Property owners that are in violation will be notified of the violation. If a correction of the violation is not made within 7 days of notification, the City will take action to resolve the violation at the expense of the property owner. Education is provided through notices and correspondence. We view residents as partners in improving our community.

Reports can be submitted by filing a code compliance complaint.

In order to report any violation, we require your contact information, type of violation, location, and, if possible, a recent photo of the violation in question. Your identity will be kept confidential to the maximum extent allowed by the law.

City of Johnson Code Enforcement can be contacted by phone at (479) 521-3192 or by email at

Code Enforcement FAQs

What can I do about a neighbor refusing to mow and pickup garbage in their yard?

(Answer) The City of Johnson has ordinances that address overgrown yards, garbage, and unsanitary conditions. Please contact the Johnson Police Department for code enforcement inquiries at 479-521-3192 or email

The City Of Johnson, Arkansas