January Court

January Court Notification

January  Court Dates -  January 3rd  court begins at 1:30pm and January 19th begins at 10:30am      PLEASE CALL 479-521-3192 TO CONFIM YOUR COURT DATE


Protecting the health of all who enter our court, i.e. attorneys, court staff, and members of the public, it is our highest priority. Avoiding exposure to infected individuals is key to stopping the spread of COVID-19. As we plan for the return to in-person proceedings, it will be critical to minimize the potential for exposure to the extent possible. To accomplish this, the Department of Health and the Supreme Court of Arkansas recommends the following:

  1. Screen to identify symptomatic individuals and those who have been exposed to others with COVID-19;
  2. Taking the temperature of individuals entering the courthouse; and,
  3. Have individuals complete a brief questionnaire regarding symptoms and potential exposure.

The Court will be implementing recommended procedures for all persons to protect against exposure from asymptomatic people upon entering the courtroom by:

  1. Social distancing: maintaining a minimum of six feet (6') between people;
  2. Wearing a mask and gloves always; and,
  3. Defendants should only enter the courtroom alone (no significant other, child, or friend). The only exception that will be made is if it is a juvenile defendant, then we will allow one parent to accompany him/her.

Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding COVID-19, it is important for you to contact our office (479-521-3192) before your court date to verify your date and time has not changed. We will NOT mail you a Notice of New Court Date; it is your responsibility to follow-up. Also, on your court date, be prepared for longer wait times due to precautionary measures we are taking.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our office at 479-521-3192

Best Regards,

Krista McGaugh

Chief Court Clerk 

The City Of Johnson, Arkansas