Trash service questions answered

Frequently asked questions

1. Who to call for trash service if live in Johnson?

The City of Johnson trash service provider is  LRS / Orion Waste Solutions. Their customer service number is 479-878-1384 or visit their website at

 2. Can my cart be picked up at my doorstep if I am not able to wheel my cart to the curb?

Yes. In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and exceptional customers’ needs, LRS / Orion Waste Solutions will provide house to curb service at the rate of curbside service. Please contact LRS / Orion Waste Solutions at 479-878-1384 for more details.

3. My trash pick up was missed. What do I do?

In the event a regularly scheduled collection is missed through no fault of the customer, contact customer service at 479-878-1384 as soon as possible to reschedule a pick up.

4. Will my trash/recycle be picked up during the holidays?

There will not be trash service on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Trash pickup will resume one day after your scheduled day during the week of the holiday.

 5. I am not sure how to dispose of a particular item, who can I contact?

Contact LRS / Orion Waste Solutions at 479-878-1384 to ask them what items are acceptable.

6. What to do with Bulky Waste?

The City of Johnson does not have a curbside bulky waste pick up service. Instead the City offers, drop-off Clean Up and Recycling Events two times a year, in the months of April and October.

 7. How do I request a replacement for a damaged or stolen bin?

Contact LRS / Orion Waste Solutions at 479-878-1384 to request a repair or replacement.




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