Attention all Johnson Residents

The Johnson Fire Department has announced that a BURN BAN is now in effect for our City until further notice. Due to extremly dry conditions. 

Outdoor Burning LEGAL
(Subject to a Burn Ban)

  • Non-commercial cooking of food (barbecues/grills)
  • Ceremonial or recreational purposes (outdoor fire places) 
  • Warming fire for construction sites (contained fire for warming purposes fueled only by untreated wood)
  • Land clearing (controlled fires for the purpose of land clearing) 
  • Yard Waste (Leaves, brush, grass, wood trimmings)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Outdoor Burning ILLEGAL
(Never Allowed to burn)

  • Household trash, construction and demolition waste (including shingles, lumber and/or wood) is considered a waste material and cannot be burned according to State Law.
  • Tires
  • Dead animals (with the exception of poultry incinerators)
  • Insulation off wire for salvage purposes
  • ANY other items that are not deemed as “LEGAL”          


Please contact the Johnson Fire Department at 479-442-0112 if you have any questions.

The City Of Johnson, Arkansas