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Pet Safety


The Johnson Police Department wants your pets to be safe

Whip Your Home into Shape

Pets can be extremely curious. Ever seen a kitten with a piece of string? How about a dog trying to figure out what that newly arrived mysterious object is?

Here’s the scoop on how to pet proof your home:

  • Cover trash cans or keep them inside a cabinet that latches.
  • Cover heating and air vents.
  • Keep toilet lids closed.
  • Move or cover wires and electrical cords so pets don’t chew on them.
  • Block off any holes or small spaces (for example, behind washers and dryers).
  • Pick up potential choking and poison hazards before you go out.
  • Check spaces that your vacuum can’t access for items such as string.
  • Check for pets before you start the dryer or close drawers.
  • Clean antifreeze from your floors and driveways immediately.
  • Thump your car hood to alert any cats that may have sought shelter in your engine.

Visit for even more safety tips to keep your furry family member safe and secure.